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  1. Hello Melvin, nice to hear from some like me, I'm also new here on the forum, which I got to look at it in my searches, I'm making time in my schedule in order to be active here, as not only I want to keep learning as also I like to share what I know. Best and welcome to you too. Bárbara.
  2. Thank you all, it is very nice to have an excellent welcome. I would like to have later in time the opportunity to meet you. I would like to know if you can recommend me what channels or topics of the forum to see and follow, I was watching and there are many and I do not want to get lost along the way.
  3. Yes very very helpful, I'm still taking notes so that I won't get lost on the way, have tons of questions and trying to get answers. Thanks Mazza.
  4. Hello everyone, I will like to introduce myself, I'm from Venezuela, currently living in Colombia, been working homebased for almost 3 years now with its ups and downs, this last week I found out this great group wich has motivated me to keep going with my dreams and goals, and I hope to get to know all of you and share to you my experience and also that you can share me your feedbacks as well. Hugs to all Bárbara R.
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