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  1. Someone shared this video with me tonight and I thought it was hilarious! I thought my fellow grammar lovers might get a laugh out of it too. Have a good weekend everyone. :-) http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/video/2010/may/20/language-usa
  2. I'm always reading something new, but here are my three current faves for my business: 1. Virtual Assistant The Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA by Diana Ennen & Kelly Poelker 2. Common Errors in English and How to Correct Them 3. The Speed of Trust by M.R. Covey - this one is wonderful for learning how to build trust in business relationships
  3. I'm not a multi-VA and don't normally subcontract to multi-VAs. So I don't really have anything to contribute here, ;-) BUT I did appreciate reading Candy's comment: This trend of new VAs start out by setting up multi-VA firms has really surprised me. But that's all I have to say on the matter!
  4. According to the dancer test, and Tawnya's sleep requirement test, I'm right brained. I need lots of sleep, so now I at least have justification for it! I'm feeding my creative mind.
  5. Oh my goodness, how terrible for you! But I love the reminder that we choose who we work for, and what we do for them. :-)
  6. LOL Judy! I've also done that kind of redirect at my domain registrar. Dianna, the way I set up pages for affiliate products is I create a page with the URL I want it to have, then I put this code on the page: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=http://www.your affiliate link here"> </head> <body> </body> </html> When people click on my url, they are automatically redirected to the affiliate's page.
  7. Hi! I'm hosting a webinar for a client... She has Go To Meeting, but that only allows 15 participants including the two of us. Can anyone recommend a better program I could use for this one-time presentation? Actually, once I do this for her I'll be offering it to others, so it's not necessarily one-time... But I don't want to make a big financial commitment here either. Also, I was wondering, what program is used for the presentations at VAnetworking? Thanks for any help you can give!
  8. Thank you for your quick replies, Jodie and Crystal! This is why I love having people to think "out loud" with sometimes... When I read your response Crystal, I realized that the index page, which is the only one not displaying the widget, is also the only page without a sidebar. So that would explain why the widget isn't displaying in the sidebar! I have no idea why that would be, but hopefully my client will. She's looking after that end of the site. Jodie, it's Wishlist Member http://member.wishlistproducts.com/ .
  9. Hi! I've been helping a client get her Wishlist site up and running. But we've run into something I can't figure out. I've installed the widget that shows the login status, and gives a registration/login link, like you see on the new VAinsiders page http://vainsiders.com But this widget isn't showing up on the index page of the site. Do you know what I might have missed, or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. That's a great release Deneen! Congratulations! I'm really surprised your local paper wouldn't accept your release. There are still plenty of free press release sites out there. That's where I submit the press releases for VAnetworking. For a lot of them though, you have to look hard to find the free option. Others have posted links to free press release sites elsewhere on the forum, but here's the list of press release sites that I make available on my site. http://cassidarink.com/resources/press-rel...bmission-sites/ Most of them are still free. Good luck!
  11. So, here's a fun twist. :-) As a ghostwriter, some of my clients don't like to reveal that I write for them, and this is one of those cases. While working for one particular client, I've noticed that some of her members could really benefit from my services as well and I asked if there was anyway I could assist them while still maintaining my client's confidentiality. I'm glad I asked, because my client liked my idea... But instead she wants to hire me to give two webinar presentations to help her members improve in this particular area. Now, how do I charge for this? Would it be my hourly rate? I don't have a presentation developed, but I don't mind putting one together because whatever I put together for her, I can easily adapt to use elsewhere. Or should I charge for prep time as well? I would offer to do it for free, if she would let me promote my business during the session, but it doesn't sound like that will be the case. I will have to find out about that for sure. Have you been asked to do something like this before? How do you decide what to charge? Thanks for any insight you can provide! Warm regards, Denise
  12. I handle it a bit differently. With everything I do during a day, I don't like being caught off guard by unexpected or unwanted phone calls. Before I get into a phone conversation with a prospective client, I find it makes the call much more efficient when we bother have an idea of who we're talking to and what the goal of the conversation is. So, I don't publish my phone number on my website, but I do invite visitors to contact me via email to schedule a phone call if they like.
  13. Hi Raine! Welcome to the forum. I'm in Calgary and have lived in Southern Alberta most of my life, but haven't heard of Galahad before. Congratulations on doing so well in your virtual classes! It does sound like you lead a very full life! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. :-) Denise
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