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  1. That's a great release Deneen! Congratulations! I'm really surprised your local paper wouldn't accept your release. There are still plenty of free press release sites out there. That's where I submit the press releases for VAnetworking. For a lot of them though, you have to look hard to find the free option. Others have posted links to free press release sites elsewhere on the forum, but here's the list of press release sites that I make available on my site. http://cassidarink.com/resources/press-rel...bmission-sites/ Most of them are still free. Good luck!
  2. Hi Dianna! I noticed a brief switch to first person in this sentence: With my years of experience around the office, Dianna has broad work history as well as education. And this could be rewritten as a sentence: Education: Human Resources and the Law, D.O.T. Compliance course, 1 year certificate as a Crime Scene Investigator and current study of B.S. in Forensic Psychology with emphasis on juvenile justice. But since it's not really relevant to this announcement, it may not be worth including all that information. ;-)
  3. Way to go on making your press release relevant and tying in some informative stats! A few thoughts... If it was mine, I wouldn't start the headline with a verb. You may want to say something like "Virtual Assistant helps ADHD..." You might also want to consider including a call to action after the last quote to wrap up the release before getting into the About. You could use something like "For more information on..." or "To learn how...", then give them a reason to contact you and tell them how to contact you. I would also clearly indicate who the quote is coming from with something like, "Robinson says....." Congratulations on your first press release!
  4. It was a wonderful evening! Thank you for arranging that for us Dana. I'm looking forward to our next meetup!
  5. YAY! Getting your first press release done and out is so exciting! Here are some suggestions: The title and subheading are a little promotional. You might tone those down a bit, so they sound less like an advertisement. I would also suggest being more specific in some places. For example, I know what a "virtual marketing solution" is, but will your readers? It's so cool that you got a quote from a realtor in there. It would be a good idea to add one from yourself as well. Where you say you're a 12-year veteran of the mortgage industry, etc, I would consider saying that much earlier on in the release. Otherwise readers might wonder about the connection between being a graphic artist and your new VA business for realtors. Can you handle one more? It needs a compelling call to action at the end. Tell your reader exactly what to do next. For example: For (this benefit) go to (your website) and (take this action). Then have a free report they can get, or another easy way for them to take the next step towards working with you. Good for you for going for it and writing one! The first one is always the hardest. I cringe when I think back on mine...
  6. I am in Calgary, and would love to get together with some local VAs. I'm recovering from a neck injury, so not leaving the house much these days, but will see what I can do!
  7. Hello, I know there are several VAs in Calgary and area. Have you ever had a get together? I didn't find one listed here. With spring coming up, I thought it might be nice to meet you!
  8. If you target home business owners, or work at home moms, you may find it beneficial to submit your press release here. http://www.wahm-announce.com I haven't had this site very long, but have big plans for it!
  9. It's not about my VA practice specifically (though I did manage to squeak a reference to that in there). But I've really excited about this, and thought you might find it interesting too! Calgary, AB (October 10, 2008) WAHM Articles challenges small business owners to jumpstart their holiday marketing this year. Uncertain economic times mean small business owners need to work even harder to earn holiday shopping dollars. WAHM Articles, a popular article directory for women and an active writing community, is helping small business owners expand their reach by giving prizes for writing articles targeted at mothers. Owner Denise Willms, a Virtual Assistant who helps her clients reap the benefits of article marketing, launched the Holiday Article Marketing Challenge early this month. Home and small business owners can win one of nearly $300 in prizes by writing articles to promote their products for the holiday season. Prizes include advertising space, Tupperware products, ghostwriting services, and personalized article coaching sessions with Willms. "I've been thrilled with the response," says Willms. "It's great to see online business owners discover how to write articles that increase their visibility and their sales." Article writers gain exposure for their businesses by creating articles that solve their readers' problems, and including a link to their website at the end of the article. The author's resource box invites the reader to visit the writer's website for more information. To date, WAHM Articles has published nearly 2000 articles by 500 authors, each written with mothers in mind. Article topics range from parenting to business issues and from crafting to personal relationships. Willms took inspiration for this challenge from the 30 Day Article Challenge, created by Carrie Lauth of CarrieLauth.com. In the 30-day challenge, participants put their marketing endurance to the test by writing 30 articles in 30 days. Lauth says, "Article marketing has proven to be a consistently effective traffic generation method for me. I launched this challenge to give myself some public accountability but also to motivate others - it's not as hard as you think to write articles, especially since all of us internet marketers are already writing so much for our blogs and websites." Others are invited to join the ongoing challenge at any time. For those who don't know how to promote their products and services by writing articles, WAHM Articles offers a free forum. Members can ask questions, and get answers from article marketing professionals, experienced article writers and article publishers. Writing and submitting articles has proved to be an effective tool to gain targeted traffic and increase conversions. Michelle Shaeffer, The Small Business Muse™, recently conducted an experiment to track conversions from writing and submitting articles. She found the traffic she received from her articles came with more average page views per visit and a higher subscription rate to her newsletter. From general website traffic, Shaeffer noted a 20% subscription rate to her newsletter. However, 40% of visitors who read one of her articles then clicked through to her website signed up for her newsletter. To learn more about writing articles to promote small business, submit articles for moms to read, or to participate in the holiday article marketing challenge, please visit http://www.WAHM-Articles.com
  10. Congratulations Karri! That's such a well-read magazine. Good point about keeping your blog up to date as well.
  11. This isn't a PR, but I was recently interviewed for Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog. A small thing but it's been exciting for me. A few just-starting-out writers have contacted me to tell me they found my interview encouraging. Hasn't brought me any new clients yet, but hopefully it will do that too. Here's the link http://www.business-opportunities.biz/2008...-at-home-niche/
  12. Hello, if I may jump in... I agree with the above and it is an excellent start! One thing that stands out for me is the use of the word "technology" three times in the first three sentences. You may want to rewrite that bit so it doesn't sound repetitive. I only notice it because an editor recently caught me doing the same thing. Good luck!
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