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  1. Hi Daniella, My name is Roxanne and I received an email stating that there was a comment on my post, but I don't see a comment. Can you help me out? Right now I feel totally lost.
  2. Hi Everyone I would like to offer VA services to Attorneys, PI or anyone else in the legal field. I noticed that there are not any up-to-date legal notices. Are there any Paralegals or Legal Assistants offering VA services to Attorneys or PI in this forum. I would like to speak with you regarding offering services to the legal field.
  3. Tawnya - I'm hoping to start my VA biz in Jan. 2018. I want to specialize. How do I research which niche is more sought after, bookkeeping, Legal Document Preparation or screencasting.
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Roxanne Richards and although I'm not a VA now, I'm interested in becoming one. I have to admit I'm very nervous about starting a VA business. I have been out of the work force for 14 years. There are basic skills I have, but the more advanced skills I will need to learn. If there is someone who would be interested I would like to have a Mentor. Good luck to all the new VAs
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