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    Hi all, I'm Kathrine, and my business name is Baer Essentials. I originally started my business just over 4 years ago and I have not been happy with it. I don't feel I have accomplished much and thus I took a break from it 18 months ago when my family had to relocate from Alberta to Manitoba. I took that time to really think about my business and what I enjoy doing and what I wanted my business to look like and now I am finally at the point where I'm ready to start taking steps to make it happen. I have been a stay at home mom for 18 years. I have tried working outisde the home part time but it hasn't been a good fit for me, as I have always known I was capable of so much more than the types of work that I was doing. I also wanted to be independent and eventually have my own business anyway, so that my work fits around my life and not my life trying to fit around my work. I love working on computers and determing what I want to do. I love helping others with what I'm good at. I enjoy email marketing and some elements of social media management, so that is what my primary service offerings will be. I am married to a wonderful husband (although we have certainly had our issues and our challenges over the years, almost called it quits at one point) for nearly 20 years (in May). I also have 4 wonderful children from 11-18, three boys and one princess. So that's a bit about me.

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