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  1. Hi, thanks for the support. As it turns out, the piece was also run in the following Canadian papers including the Financial Post: June 5, 2010 – The Star Phoenix –Virtual assistance offers flexible option http://www2.canada.c...61-d81fc419aa50 May 29, 2010 & June 11, 2010 -Edmonton Journal – Virtual assistance offers flexible option http://www.edmontonj...7477/story.html June 11, 2010 – The Windsor Star –Virtual assistance offers flexible option http://www.windsorst...7477/story.html June 14, 2010 – The Financial Post- Don't Dismiss Virtual Assistants http://www.financial...0590/story.html June 20, 2010 – The Province –Layoff was a blessing http://www2.canada.c...11-9731aead8b71 June 30, 2010 – The Ottawa Citizen– The virtual answer http://www.ottawacit...html?id=3218378 Here's hoping it does something positive for the entire industry. It would have been great if my references to the wonderful Canadian virtual assistant associations had been included ... or even my company name But, I'm grateful for the coverage. Happy Canada Day everyone!
  2. Hi everyone, I was interviewed a few weeks back and an article has appeared in today's Ottawa Citizen featuring information about me and the virtual assistant industry - Caitlin Crawshaw, Canwest News Service June 30, 2010 - The Virtual Answer http://bit.ly/de0qU9. Cheers, Karen
  3. Tawnya, I think this is a fantastic idea, especially for those of us on the West Coast. So much in this industry seems to happen on the East Coast and I'm all for continuing to build our industry's momentum on this Coast. Plus, it will give others the opportunity to visit beautiful Vancouver. Having attended conferences in various industries throughout Canada and the US, I'd like to see something with some real substance to it. Speakers and panels who provide sound business advice, tools and ideas on building our industry. I was at a Vancouver Board of Trade this past week and not one of the people I spoke to had even heard of this industry; however, regardless of their industry, each person I spoke too was excited about the idea of having virtual contract workers (VA's) help with their business support needs. There is so much potential out there for us if we can increase the profile of the virtual workforce industry. Is there a way we can open up a session or two to our target audience to help showcase what we do and how it can help their companies succeed? This would help with promotion of the event as well as capitalizing on all the effort that will go into putting on an event like this...might as well see if we can get some potential clients in the room, so to speak. Let me know if I can help. Cheers, Karen
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