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  1. Hi Noemi! I'm in Exton, PA just down the road from you. I have some resources I can share and will message you my email address. Elaine
  2. Hi Noemi and welcome! I'm also new to the VA world and working on my website. I'm in Exton, PA (Chester County) just down the road from you... what a small world. Sounds like you have lots of electronics... plenty to get started. You can always add later as needs arise. Wishing you the best, Elaine
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm checking the forum now for business name help. Look forward to getting to know you!
  4. I've been using Canva. Just checked out AAA logo and may try that too, thanks!
  5. Hello! I'm Elaine from Southeastern Pennsylvania. My administrative career started in 1984 and I've worked in various industries including real estate, auto sales, religious organization, psychologist office, consulting firm and marketing. In the past I've been able to maintain steady employment and have suffered several layoffs recently. I still only have part-time work and started investigating the VA world about a year ago. After 3 years of mostly unsuccessful job searching, I am working on my business plan and start up information and plan to open my business in January. Now, I have to think of a name for my business then work marketing plan and create a website. I look forward to learning from and offering any assistance I can to other VA's here!
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