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  1. Hi All I am very new to all of this and i am needing to buy a new laptop to begin the process of setting up my VA business. I am not sure exactly what I am going to need to do this so i was hoping i could get some help. My plan at the moment is to get this all set up over the next year while i am working in an office and hopefully start earning enough that i can do it as a full time job and be able to travel with it. My plan is to begin by offering general admin duties and i think offer this on a voluntary basis to begin with so i can get some experience. I dont really know what kind of programs etc i am going to be needing or what kind of laptop. I have been reading up about chromebooks as they are by far the cheapest option but i know all of the work is done online which i dont know if this will be an issue? Hopefully someone will have some advice on what laptop or chromebook will be the best option. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone My name is Sami and I have just signed up to the VA network today as I am taking the plunge into starting up my new business as a VA. I am in the very early days of this at the moment and I am finding it all a bit daunting with knowing where to start etc. I have been travelling for the past 2 years and I am now back at home in England with no money doing temp work in offices here and there to keep me going. I came across the words Virtual Assistant only last week and I cant believe I have never heard of it before or even thought of it being an option for me. I dont have masses of experience like alot of you do but I have worked in a variety of office and administration roles over the past 4 years so I know I can do the work but im just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment as I am trying to figure out how to actually go about getting all of this set up with limited money. Would anyone be able to suggest any free courses I could take that could be beneficial? I think i may have found some i can take but there may be some I am missing? I also obviously wont have a client base at all to begin with so I dont know how to go about getting my first client? I read about volunteering a few hours of my time to get me started but I need to look into where i would go about that and also just so much i need to learn about setting up a linked in profile and getting people to connect with me on there. I feel very excited about all of this but my mind is so full with thoughts of all these things i need to do its hard to know what to prioritse. Anyways....I will leave my rambling there and try and get on with figuring it all out.
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