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  1. CMVA12

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Thank you, Julian Palmer. I appreciate this idea. I was thinking of charging about $50 for 250-500 words then go on up from there. It is always good to know the prices out there. I appreciate the info. My original goal was to write content for blogs and articles, etc. However, I have changed my niche since then. But she remembers what I started off working on. Which is awesome. Thank you for reaching out and providing feedback. Have a productive week . Best Wishes, Marie Mason CM Virtual Assistant Agency cmvirtualassistantagency@gmail.com https://cmvirtualassistantagency.org
  2. CMVA12

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Hi Tawnya, Thanks for all the suggestions. I did check out this freelancer website you sent me. The rates were not listed on the site you have to talk to them about it. And it looks like the rates are set at a yearly rate, not a monthly rate. Good points on the time it takes to complete this task. I need to get back with her and ask her some of those questions you asked me. Thank you for those suggestions. Have a productive day. Sorry I can not be on the group coaching call this afternoon. I have to pick up my son a little early from middle school today so he can get home and have dinner and then get some homework done before we have parent-teacher conferences tonight at his school. It's all part of back to school fun. Warm WIshes, Marie Mason Owner CM VIrtual Assistant Agency
  3. Hi everyone, Hoping that all of you are having a productive week. I have a pricing question. How much would you charge a potential customer to write a blog post once a week between 501-100 words? I gave her two other options: 250-500 words 1001 + words What would you recommend? Have a productive week. Warm Wishes, Marie Mason Owner CM Virtual Assistant Agency New Website soon
  4. Is there anyone out there that has a full webinar support niche. I think the new term is Virtual Event Manager?
  5. Hi Carmella, Looks like you got lots of answers so far. Yes, it is a popular niche. Have not heard of Travo. Hope you had time to check it out. Looks like this post is 2 years old so let me know how your niche is doing.
  6. Hi Everyone, Here is my accountability report for the last week. Even though I was out of town and did not have the best internet connection which is one of the reasons I was not able to join in the Q and A session on Thursday. I was not happy about missing that because I find them very helpful. My apologies to the group. We just had a busy schedule all last week. Here is my website: www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/ To give you a heads up on some of my changes: 1. I Edited and redesigned my home page. Including links to different pages to practice setting up buttons. 2. I tried setting up links for my Stripe account and I am thinking that I will just use PayPal instead because it has more options with a drop-down menu. I must figure out a few things on my end and that may mean contacting customer service. 3. I did change my services and shortened the number of packages. I wrote down more clear details on what we offer too. Let me know if that works better. 4. I also edited the pricing and pricing page and might revise it for the virtual assistant section, so it won't be confusing there. My goal is to have a monthly retainer based on number of hours. Suggestions on how to word that would be helpful. Now that the website is looking tons better I am going to continue to market it in full motion this week and future weeks. I will be reading up on creating a funnel this week and doing that to add to the website. And I had started a new blog recently just need to put an ending to it and make some edits then it should be in good shape to publish. Hopefully this week. I do value your input and I do my best to make most of the edits you suggest. And apply what you teach me. “We work with the best to help the rest” Marie
  7. Thank you Mr. Williams. Let me know about what you do?
  8. Thank you, Veronica. If you think of anything else especially free software programs. I would greatly appreciate it. Let me know if you need help with anything.
  9. Hi Everyone, Someone sent out a list back during the April training regarding free or low- cost software programs for virtual assistants. Different tools that we needed ranging from free email software programs, free auto responders, free forms software, free program management software, etc. Could you tell me also the list of the different types of categories these programs fall under? Category examples: Email management programs Program management software Auto responders What other categories that list tools that can help our virtual business grow or help our customers? Preferably free ones or super low- cost ones. Thanks so much for your help everyone. If you use one let me know how easy it is to use and what it compares with. Have a fantastic week. Hope our Canada friends had a great holiday this weekend. We celebrated our Independence Day on Wednesday. I had fun with family and friends. Time to go back to working for my agency. Best Wishes, Marie Mason CEO CM Virtual Assistant Agency marievmason@gmail.com www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org
  10. Links to Marie Mason’s Website I have made some final edits on my website and blog post. Would you please review the following links for content, grammar and spelling? I all ready have links set up for my PayPal and Stripe accounts. I just have payment buttons to add and a few links to social media. Then I think everything is just about ready to launch. Disclaimer: I am not pleasing everyone with regards to design, or colors and format. Thank you for your valuable input on content, grammar, and spelling. 1. I made changes to the home page and you will access it by clicking on my website link. a. www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/ 2. I made some changes to the frequently asked questions page (FAQ) a. https://www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/faq 3. I still need to change the title of the blog post within side the link, here it is. a. https://www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/blog/the-power-in-the-half-hour-time-management-blog 4. I made some changes to my about us page. Got to change that in the link too. a. https://www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/our_team 5. I have added my privacy policy recently. a. https://www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/privacy-policy
  11. CMVA12

    Blog Post Feedback

    Hi everyone, would you do me a favor please? I have been working on my first blog post for at least a month. I have made lot's of progress and edits. I even updated my picture on my website too I have finally stopped avoiding making changes to my blog post. Here are some questions: Do I keep the word best in best action plan? Do I keep the word best in best virtual assistant? Should I move heading number 2 and place it after heading number 5 or leave it where it is? https://www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/ I value your input. PS. I am making more changes to that blog post and to the website. I still have to do the following: add links to my blog post after the final edits. write my privacy policy to make sure it follows the new rules. I have examples just need to finish getting that done. And much more to do before I feel that this website is ready for markting. Any suggestions on pricing for the services? And what would a retainer be for each service? Just getting ideas. Thanks for your help. I know I changed the picture on my website. But it is not showing up when I post this website. Any suggestions? I still have much to get done. And I am diligently getting it done.
  12. I have been reading up on taxes recently because I came across an app to download on my phone called Stride Tax. The app contained several articles including one that was the top 3 commonly missed deductions. Disclaimer, I did not write this article. I am sharing one section of it. I do hope this information helps someone. The article talks about deducting a portion of your cell phone. business related insurance, and meals for your business. The section I am going to provide for you is the one about meals. Let me know if you need either the cell phone or business-related insurance information and I will post it for you. Another disclaimer, I do not do booking keeping for a living. But I am the one that has been keeping track of the receipts for the last 15 years or an affiliate business that my husband and I do jointly for the last 15 years. Because of this tedious experience I have been figuring out the tax rules and regulations off and on and they are constantly changing. It's good to keep up with the information and be up to date. I know it's not my favorite subject either but until government stops making us pay taxes, yes I am dreaming on that one, it is good to be updated on all the rules and regulations. Hope this helps you. June 15th the quarterly taxes are due. Business-related meals When you’re getting a business off the ground, chances are you'll be networking often--and that can get expensive. You'll rack up a pretty big bill by meeting just 5 potential clients over coffee each week. If your food or drink expense has a business purpose, then it’s partially deductible. Meals are limited to a 50% deduction, so the $20 meal that you shared with a business contact will get you a $10 deduction! Careful! Meal expenses are a highly scrutinized item on your tax return. Be sure to keep diligent records of all of your business-related food and drink expenses! This means you've got to keep your receipts and should even jot down a few notes on the purpose of the meeting. The goal is to give an auditor no reason to second guess the legitimacy of your deduction.
  13. Hi everyone, Hope you are having a fantastic start to your week. I have two questions. First, how do you edit comments after you post them on the forum. And second, how do you find your last post on this forum. For example, is there a way to scroll through your old posts on topics? Is there a way to search by just your name or user name? This is my second post on this forum, so I am just wondering how things work I appreciate your assistance. I am still rather new to this forum and group. Thanks, Marie
  14. I figured out how to use the edit feature on this forum after you post messages. So here is my updated copy of my introduction thanks to another virtual assistant who brought something to my attention in such a professional manner. Hello to everyone. I cannot believe it is the middle of May all already and it is spring in most places. Some days if feels like summer in central Virginia. Just thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to this awesome community. My name is Marie Mason and I am married and have a 12-year-old son in middle school. I also travel a couple of hours away from time to time to help my mom who lives by herself and is 82 years old. I knit when I can, and I love to bake. Brownies are my favorite and sometimes apple pie and cake. When I get around to it I like to garden too. Don't like pulling weeds all that much but it is part of the job. Now my biggest love is my family and then organizing my house. My house with only 3 people living in it gets a lot of clutter. So, I am always sorting through something especially paper clutter. Can anyone relate? Believe me when I say I must carve out time to de clutter my home. I also must make my son do his share too. Trust me it is an interesting battle of wills to sort through 3 people's clutter especially when you have the most clutter to deal with. Okay I think I dwelled enough on my personal life long enough. My education in brief. I have completed all my education through high school. Then moved on towards college. I completed an associate degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s in human development. I spent the better part of 20 years teaching young children infants through 5 years old in many different daycares. I dabbled in after school and summer camps and even with substitute teaching with the elementary school ages from Kindergarten through 5th grade. So much has changed in that industry. It was so much simpler when I started teaching 20 years ago. In between job experiences and never staying put in a job for more than 2.5 years I found myself taking on administrative jobs and receptionist jobs. I thought finally I can work with adults. I was wrong on that. Some of the adults I worked with were worse than the kids I use to teach or the teachers that I worked with for years. I did run my own home daycare for 5 years and I enjoyed having my own business. Just with daycares sometimes you had parents that would come late without any contact from them. So, I would have a child long into the night and must give up my evening plans in most cases to wait on a late parent. The last year was the worst in that area so I ended up going back to teach in a daycare. I soon found out that it was a different world teaching with that age group. I found that you must constantly learn to keep up with the high demands of an ever-changing industry in both teaching and being an administrative assistant. I spent 5 years working with 3 different CEO's as an administrative assistant/ receptionist. Loved the role for the most part just missed working from home and controlling my own schedule. In 2015 my mom fell, and I needed to quit my last daycare job. I was ready to move on anyway but had not found something at that time. But off to live part time with my mom while she was recovering from hip surgery. I realized as I was job hunting that so many companies including job placement agencies were just not truthful about wanting to help you find jobs. Which I found rather frustrating. And companies that wanted you to put money down monthly just, so you could find a job was not very well thought out. Armed with my job experience and job hunting experience I created CM Virtual Assistant Agency. My goal is to keep it free for anyone who I choose to work with as a virtual assistant. However, I was going to be very detailed on how I interviewed them. I want to develop a team of qualified virtual assistant to help our customers. I am more of a recruiting agency online. I interview all the virtual assistants and help match them with professionals who want to hire them for certain tasks. My niche is writing and editing content for professional writers, coaches and speakers. We work with many different medias including webinars, podcasts and eBooks as well as chatrooms and more. To wrap up this introduction I want to reach out and let you know that CM Virtual Assistant Agency is available to help on a variety of projects and tasks. You have learned about my personal background, my education background and a summary of my work history. Then I told you the start of the story of why I became a virtual assistant. Let me finish that here. After having to travel back and forth to help my mom out I realized that job hunting was not producing the success it once did. So, I started my agency to help other virtual assistants find real work from home positions with out as much struggle. I also wanted to work remotely from home or my mom's home or from the beach. That is why I created CM Virtual Assistant Agency. My goal was to create an agency that would help others and in turn help me work from home. I have another goal too. I want to branch off into doing job coaching. I have had opportunities to coach others through another online company that I spent 22 years working with alongside holding a job. That is why I want to focus on coaching people on job hunting. There is so many traps out there when job hunting. I want people to avoid those traps alongside with polishing their interview skills. I have taken a life time of experience from running a babysitting service, to pet sitting service to a home daycare and all the job experience too and I bring all of that with me to my virtual assistant agency. I am so glad I started with the purchase of a silver ticket and upgrade to a gold then diamond ticket once for the April virtual Assistant Conference. So glad I did because it saved me money in the long run. Now you know a bit about me. Feel free to reach out and chat.

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