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  1. Hi Everyone, It was great chatting with everyone today on the group coaching session with Tawnya this week. With Tawnya's suggestions, I trimmed down my elevator speech just a little bit. On my website, it is called my mission statement. I am also testing out a live chat feature located on my front page towards the bottom. I am available during my normal business hours. Thanks, Tawnya for answering my three questions this week. And thank you to all of my fellow virtual assistants who gave some great websites and information. I copied it onto my Microsoft Word Doc. I love to copy and paste. It saves on typing. Keeping this short and sweet. Have a productive week and season everyone. Warm Wishes, Marie Mason Owner CM Virtual Assistant Agency cmvirtaulassistantagency@gmail.com www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org "Helping your business grow one webinar at a time."
  2. Thank you, Tawnya, I think the interviews you did on Facebook live really helped inspire me. That and I had several speakers encourage me to do them. Every time I did a Facebook live it flopped. I have zoom and I don't know how to go onto Facebook live with zoom. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Tawnya, I think this is the add on my LinkedIn I was mentioning. I think I was one of the three that liked it. LOL. I must have been tired when I did that. Here is the link. Let me know if you can view it. I have been producing several social media ads promoting different services. And I am going to be generating more adds this week. I have worked hard at creating other content too. Still more to go. Thanks for your help, Marie Mason www.cmvirtualassitantagency.org https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6487479112343568384/
  4. Thank you, Tawnya, I appreciate the compliment. My secret sauce is thinking outside of the box for solutions and ideas.
  5. Another video about 20 minutes roughly with another one of my event team members. https://zoom.us/recording/play/S-QESjorRxN6hiLipuBmevbV899Qxi-YQIEXfOvn9n7E8lfCMo6GJxgLELi_59Tx?continueMode=true&fbclid=IwAR0FpOrbvgdUgG7hFet1SGNYXrtR_lO4B_9EfFyvD6D0FiNe0nI6Zt-cvB0
  6. I entered this video for a contest and won because I was the first one to do a video and did it with PowerPoint Slides. https://zoom.us/recording/play/q5dob00oHvPpnv0gy7wP2r76YYALjSftyBqJQdzJci2t_5QmMykbXNVaHuhNGCAO?continueMode=true&fbclid=IwAR0y5WdFiiEBcsZqyf-Tl_JsM3xb_hGovDlg8TK4EBnaqd8Nxavqo9dCEHo
  7. Hi Everyone, Here is an example of one of the videos I did last week with interviewing with one of my event team members. It's about 14 minutes long. Enjoy.
  8. Hi everyone, I have been checking the views of my posts on LinkedIn. I got some likes on a couple of adds. That is encouraging. Here is my question: When my LinkedIn poster got a few views on one of the services I posted last week. Should I reach out to them and see if they are interested in that offer. What should I tell them? Suggestions, please? Warm Wishes, Marie Mason www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org
  9. CMVA12

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Thank you, Julian Palmer. I appreciate this idea. I was thinking of charging about $50 for 250-500 words then go on up from there. It is always good to know the prices out there. I appreciate the info. My original goal was to write content for blogs and articles, etc. However, I have changed my niche since then. But she remembers what I started off working on. Which is awesome. Thank you for reaching out and providing feedback. Have a productive week . Best Wishes, Marie Mason CM Virtual Assistant Agency cmvirtualassistantagency@gmail.com https://cmvirtualassistantagency.org
  10. CMVA12

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Hi Tawnya, Thanks for all the suggestions. I did check out this freelancer website you sent me. The rates were not listed on the site you have to talk to them about it. And it looks like the rates are set at a yearly rate, not a monthly rate. Good points on the time it takes to complete this task. I need to get back with her and ask her some of those questions you asked me. Thank you for those suggestions. Have a productive day. Sorry I can not be on the group coaching call this afternoon. I have to pick up my son a little early from middle school today so he can get home and have dinner and then get some homework done before we have parent-teacher conferences tonight at his school. It's all part of back to school fun. Warm WIshes, Marie Mason Owner CM VIrtual Assistant Agency
  11. Hi everyone, Hoping that all of you are having a productive week. I have a pricing question. How much would you charge a potential customer to write a blog post once a week between 501-100 words? I gave her two other options: 250-500 words 1001 + words What would you recommend? Have a productive week. Warm Wishes, Marie Mason Owner CM Virtual Assistant Agency New Website soon
  12. Is there anyone out there that has a full webinar support niche. I think the new term is Virtual Event Manager?
  13. Hi Carmella, Looks like you got lots of answers so far. Yes, it is a popular niche. Have not heard of Travo. Hope you had time to check it out. Looks like this post is 2 years old so let me know how your niche is doing.
  14. Hi Everyone, Here is my accountability report for the last week. Even though I was out of town and did not have the best internet connection which is one of the reasons I was not able to join in the Q and A session on Thursday. I was not happy about missing that because I find them very helpful. My apologies to the group. We just had a busy schedule all last week. Here is my website: www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/ To give you a heads up on some of my changes: 1. I Edited and redesigned my home page. Including links to different pages to practice setting up buttons. 2. I tried setting up links for my Stripe account and I am thinking that I will just use PayPal instead because it has more options with a drop-down menu. I must figure out a few things on my end and that may mean contacting customer service. 3. I did change my services and shortened the number of packages. I wrote down more clear details on what we offer too. Let me know if that works better. 4. I also edited the pricing and pricing page and might revise it for the virtual assistant section, so it won't be confusing there. My goal is to have a monthly retainer based on number of hours. Suggestions on how to word that would be helpful. Now that the website is looking tons better I am going to continue to market it in full motion this week and future weeks. I will be reading up on creating a funnel this week and doing that to add to the website. And I had started a new blog recently just need to put an ending to it and make some edits then it should be in good shape to publish. Hopefully this week. I do value your input and I do my best to make most of the edits you suggest. And apply what you teach me. “We work with the best to help the rest” Marie

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