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  1. You can always clean your office when you return. I need to clean my office badly. That is just one of my task for the month of March. If I was not recovering from the flu today, I would have more energy to clean my office. Might have to wait until later in the week.
  2. Hi Zoe, It takes time for your potential clients to get to know, like and trust you. You are on the right track so don't give up. You need to make sure that you out there every day connecting on social media. One thing that helped me was joining in specific Facebook groups and conneting with my ideal target audience I engage in those specific groups more than others. I follow their rules and i connect with the admins in those groups too. I have had several client referrals that came from this process. But it takes time to develop those relationships.
  3. Hi Kesha Marie, I love your name, My name is Marie Mason, love your introduction. Welcome to our amazing group. You have an amazing background and love your idea for a women's ministry. What skills do you bring to the table for your virtual admnistrative and organizational services. Besides the obvious one, organization. Could you also offer helping people who are overwhelmed through your VA service? What do you need help with in getting started with your VA service? Cheers.
  4. Hi Everyone, With the help of Elaine Sellars, I was able to make some logos for Webinar Production Agency. I have one that I like better than the others. I am exploring the many features of using Canva Software. Just wanted to get feedback from the group and see what grabbed your attention? And what was it that grabbed your attention? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi Chuck, Welcome to our virtual assistant community. You are not the only male in this group. One of our admins in this group is Mark Hunter from Australia. And we have a supportive network here. I am from Charlottesville, Virginia. I am married. We have a 13-year old son. I started in 2017 with just an idea of being a virtual assistant. And with the help of Tawnya, Mark and so many wonderful people in the VA insiders group I am moving right along. Bravo for redesigning your career at this stage in your life. Our network is supportive and willing to help cheer you on. To your success. Cheers, Marie Mason PS. Happy Mother's day to your family. Also, my son's name is Charles.
  6. Hi Everyone, Happy Mother's Day weekend this weekend. While working on making some changes for my Webinar Production Agency. I pieced together a new mission statement. Let me know what you think. Our premier agency manages all aspects of our customer's webinars and podcasts to take the tasks off their plate so they a focus on sharing their message. We provide an event team to assist with event management, moderate chat rooms, marketing, video production/editing, and bookkeeping. We put you in the spotlight so that your message can shine.
  7. Now with zoom, the free version might not let you do everything so read the features for it.
  8. I am going to share with you some broadcasting software tools that I have come across that might help you or someone else in the group. Broadcasting Software Review Hi Mary, I like using a couple of tools. A. One is https://www.loom.com It allows you to create 100 videos for free and provides you tools to edit them. You can choose between the following: · Audio only · Video only · Or you can screen share and see a video of you on the corner. The paid version allows you to do unlimited videos and it has a low cost to it. B. Another tool you can use is: https://stageten.tv/ · You can easily create live shows with remote guests. Video feeds from phones, cams, screen share, and game streams. · Connect with your audience and live stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. · Stand out from the crowd with multi-cam shots, custom graphics, video clips, and unique stream formats. Not sure about the pricing. I think they do have a free version or a trial C. Here is another tool www.zoom.com I love using zoom too because it allows you to have a free version. The free version Meetings Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support Video Webinar Marketing Events & Town Hall Meetings Conference Rooms Build Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms Zoom Phone The next generation enterprise phone system Business IM Cross-Platform Messaging & File Sharing · You can connect with your calendar · You can schedule meetings onto zoom · You can also stream to YouTube and Facebook live · You can also do a whiteboard and draw or type a text and screen share it. D. Another great tool that has advanced features https://belive.tv Here are some great features for it. · You can do solo videos · Interviews or · Talk shows · Boost brand & Engagement using custom logos, frames, and colors · Stay organized · Screen share your presentation and bring photos from your Facebook album to your broadcast · You can also share it on Facebook live or Twitch · It has a free 30-day trial · The prices are reasonable · I think Tawnya has started using this one recently Hope this information will help you in selecting what tool works best for you. It depends on who your audience is. What social media platform they hang out in. And what tool will serve you best? Something to keep in mind. As your needs grow then you will want a tool that can grow with you.
  9. Hi Kerri, I agree with Danielle, that you and Mark Hunter should connect. I mentioned you were from Australia.
  10. Great job, Melissa G. I see you are making progress. Keep up the good work.
  11. Thank you, Mark Hunter. I am finally able to get caught up on some of these old posts. Cheers.
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