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  1. Since no one else has replied, I'll throw in my collection attempts. I don't think that any 'paid' site would have any more recent info than whitepages.com. With the lack of landlines d/t cellphones, it gets harder to track localities if their location is not made public by some other means. And if they are not paying their debts....hmmm. Good luck!! Keep us posted if you do find a legit site!
  2. I used to be from a small rural town as well, and marketed when ma & pa operations also succeeded that limit. What I found. They still wish to be me & pa=you work via their office that they create in their spare bedroom! Very hard to earn/build their trust virtually because they still do everything hard copy. But good luck with that market!
  3. So you are or are not getting compensated? I work for several non profits as well but get compensated for my time. Yes, others posted so they need not yell at me, just you never mentioned whether this is free versus/comp from a non profit.
  4. No problems here either...whether it be sending or receiving money. And not as confusing as other merchant accounts who will deduct fees months later, leaving you scratching your head and wasting time looking back to make sure their fees are legit!
  5. Sadly...I think I figured out that I will have to reupload the docs after I have converted them into pdfs.
  6. GRRRR.....any ideas help! I did password protect a page for employees only, and found today using a mac computer that I am not asked for the passwords. Why is that?!
  7. I did ALL this work uploading word documents so that they can be viewed on my employee blog site. I have since noticed that changes can be made to them. I had not thought of password protecting prior to uploading as thought the upload itself would do this. I did a trial protection with Word 03 on one computer and it worked. Then another trial with Word 07 from a different computer and it didn't; I was able to make changes to the document that I had protected using 03. Any suggestions on how to fix this mess would be great!
  8. To try to make you feel better, not only va's get scammed, but non va businesses get scammed/non payment as well. It's extremely difficult to collect from your virtual customer as they might live in a different state, but even if they don't-you still might not receive payment even after slapping a judgement on them. Make sure you write it off as a bad debt.
  9. From the RFP's that I've seen posted, there is a huge necessity for admin. You can do it!! And if you haven't become an Insider, do so for the RFP's if anything else. Spend time to build a nice website so that you appeal as a 'real' business. I know a few people that specialize in administration and are swamped, and were so within a short amount of time. Personally, admin is not my speciality so I can't speak from experience. Best of luck to you.
  10. Do not beat yourself up, it can happen to anyone! I personally do most of my work on a virtual handshake-no contracts, nothing. Luckily I have not been burned yet, but someday if I continue to do virtual handshakes and remain so trusting, I'm sure the best scammer might get me as well. I've been lucky. Hopefully this person didn't leave to sour a taste in your mouth that you quit trusting. There are many more honest folks out there than not. Best of luck with your future clients.
  11. cjva

    EIN Number

    And best of all...it's the ONE thing we can get for free! :- I feel better giving out an EIN versus my SSN.
  12. I set up Class Listing for a non profit organization so that they can see income versus expenses for each fundraiser. They receive annual membership dues which I set up as memorized transactions, but these memorized transactions are not being included in the income of the Class Listing report-either as the bill or the payment. The transactions were CL'd prior to being memorized, so I'm completely stumped how to get this to show up. Your input, as always, will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Thank you Levi! And sorry I didn't post until now-I haven't been here in awhile :-
  14. Ok...I love thier slideshow and there is a different slideshow on each page. Does anyone know where this video program came from?
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