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  1. You can vote for us once a day...so please pop by and vote for us whenever you can?? Warmly, Tawnya I'm so confused, who would set something up where you could cast a vote EVERY day. That just does'nt seem right. I would never cast my vote more than once, sorry. I am one person...one vote.
  2. Double, triple, quadruple, every DAY vote? Is that right to cast the same vote by the same person every day?
  3. Excellent articles-thanks for sharing! If I had a VA website, that would be fantastic information to add to it to help ease other small businesses that during these times, it may be in their best interest to hire a VA. With the rising cost of employee health insurance, etc., it only makes sense to give those small businesses these ideas so that they DO survive these times.
  4. Thank you. I've tried Caspio Bridge and was not satisfied with that program.
  5. Thank you Angela, As a newbie, I have so much to learn. Thank you to those of you who help make it a little easier to do so. Good luck with your book, I too am off to download...wait, I said I was going to research websites...what to do, what to do. Ok, download first.
  6. Thank you everyone. Is IS such a wonderful feeling landing that first one! I immediately went out and bought a scratch off cuz feeling so good and even let the cashier pick it out for me! Unfortunately, it was a loser, but no worries, that couldn't bring me down! cathy
  7. I don't work out of my home, I actually go to my office, and I'm sure glad I stopped in today and checked my emails because I found out I landed my first job by responding to an RFP that was submitted here at VANA! Yeah!!! and thank you VANA for giving us subs a wonderful opportunity. Next stop...maybe create a va website other than for my own small business. cathy jacobsen :DShow All
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