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  1. So you are or are not getting compensated? I work for several non profits as well but get compensated for my time. Yes, others posted so they need not yell at me, just you never mentioned whether this is free versus/comp from a non profit.
  2. I set up Class Listing for a non profit organization so that they can see income versus expenses for each fundraiser. They receive annual membership dues which I set up as memorized transactions, but these memorized transactions are not being included in the income of the Class Listing report-either as the bill or the payment. The transactions were CL'd prior to being memorized, so I'm completely stumped how to get this to show up. Your input, as always, will be greatly appreciated!
  3. You can vote for us once a day...so please pop by and vote for us whenever you can?? Warmly, Tawnya I'm so confused, who would set something up where you could cast a vote EVERY day. That just does'nt seem right. I would never cast my vote more than once, sorry. I am one person...one vote.
  4. Double, triple, quadruple, every DAY vote? Is that right to cast the same vote by the same person every day?
  5. All links were to buy products-I couldn't find info. And sorry, 'right hand corner'.
  6. I'm really not following you here about the sorting by date in the rec window-as this can already be done in QB 07. When you are reconciling you simply click on 'Hide Transcations" in the upper left hand corner. Sorry... I checked out the links provided, and it gave me no more info, if less, than I already knew. Is there more info to upgrade?
  7. I have to agree with Deb. Why create extra work using double entries which = possibility of error. As far as the bank "information"-the account number can be left out. The checking account can be called whatever they like, such as Checking in the Chart of Accounts. Good luck!
  8. Congrats! I took the Certification as well and learned nice tricks-otherwise self taught since 1991. I didn't know what I was missing...so great for you!
  9. Woops-guess I missed Tom's post before I fired a few more questions. Awesome, thank you for all that information. I'm sold if you get this going-at least for the 'evening' clients. Should be an easy sale to them, versus, say, I think I need to start charging time and a half for evening work :- Keep me posted or shoot me an email when you have your system up and running & available to the public or other VA's. I would still use logmein at times, but would definately cut back on some of my time spent at night. Just to clarify-I would not be interuppted doing a bank rec if another user logs into the system to make bank deposits? Sorry for all the questions, but I am truly interested in how this works.
  10. Thank you for the apples to oranges comparison! Seems like a great idea-but having one QB software installed onto my main computer slows it down overall. How would multiple versions (for multiple customers with different versions) affect the overall speed? Or say if one had 2008 Pro-would they be able to access the years prior?
  11. I'm sorry Candy: I think I'm still hesitant-that is what QB online promised me "to be able to work at the same time together'...which is a great thing-yet it affects the overall functionality of the main computer. So if there are 'bugs', I hope they get worked out...otherwise...paying for QB online is a loss versus logmein-as the result is the same-only one person can log in at one time-cuz QB online proved to me already they were not any better that logmein. Let me know what you got in the making-but sorry, I don't see it happening unless you got something else in the making where one can access QB while another is working in publisher-and no one has interference on the 'main' computer. I look forward to learning more about this!
  12. Candy...I understand the 'both' being able to work in QB at the same time-hence the QB online. But....what about the rest. What effects is it going to have on the main computer?....green screen...blank screen....can one work in excel or send emails while one is working on QB? This I'd like to know-as while I booted her off, she was unable to perform any remote functions. Because if this is the case-not worth the money-not any different than logmein or gotomypc. Again-your input on how this will work is greatly valued!
  13. Candy...you ARE the bookkeeping goddess...I have no doubts about that, so again, definately interestered. Just hope it won't be the same as QB online, where it is remote...yet still affects the main computer. Like I said, my daughter doing Webekins...lol...whatever that is...fully affected my ability to log into QB online although it shouldn't have, yet it did. If you have something where I CAN do daytime work-I am still so interested d/t those clients that are accessing the main computer as well. That would be my perfect world...and am still in search of. Yet for now, I continue to log in when convenient for me and clients. Although, absolutely, I would LOVE daytime hours as well...so pray tell
  14. Hey Candy... I'm interested in more about this subject. Can you give more specifics on how this works? I did try the remote QB, but still only one person at a time can use...just like logmein. So if you have something that both can work on at the same time-I sure would be interested in learning more...I am getting a tad tired of evening work myself :- Actually, to be more specific for you-I signed up for the free version called QB online (for free 60 day trial period), then cost of approximately $3.99/month for only QB access, $7.99/month for entire desktop access. Yet with this, still only one person can use the main computer. While I tried logging in while my daughter was in my office 'supposedly' answering phone calls & playing Webekins or whatever that is called, the screen would turn green if she touched the keyboard, and it would take me forever to get control back. Maybe not the same thing-hoping not, so interested of course! Many thanks.
  15. Hi Deb, I use logmein (the free version) and love it. I have also tried remote QB access more recently-but found it's not really any easier to log into, plus I lose that option to save excel workbooks using the latter option as I no longer have access to their desktop-only QB. So I have again reverted back to logmein for my own QB use when I'm on vacation or on the road. I tried logging into the remote QB while I was at my accountants office-and spent more time fixing the screen (kept bleeping out)...not to mention cost of accountant waiting for my info! I use the free logmein-love it. Of course you can pay for more specialized logmein versions, but I haven't found that need yet to justify the cost. Mainly IT professionals get the paid versions. Hope that helps!
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