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  1. Sonika

    How to discover your niche

    So true.. so true.. in my case it happened the same. It took me 3 years to realize what I am good at. I've tried all the niches. Learned about them all. I know I can do them all, but what fulfills me is just one thing ( or two) . But what Tawnya said must definitely be put to work.
  2. Sonika

    My niche

    Hello. I am on this niche finding path too. I love proofreading and copywriting both related to website content and online course creation. Can this be a niche? Because I like to give tweaks to the written word while proofreading. I like to capture the essence that's in the mind of the writer, so to speak. Is it better to give them on a separate package or together? Thanks for your answers in advance! Sonia

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