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  1. Thanks for your responses Danielle and Tawnya. I wasn’t able to get on the group coaching call yesterday but I will try to get on the next one on the 28th. I do have the VA checklist so in the meantime, I will work on that and try to work off of it each day so that I am making some progress and headway and won’t talk myself out of doing it. I’ll make sure I hop back on the Forum if I have any questions reading the checklist. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I really need it!
  2. Hello, I hate to admit this but I have been a VA insider since June and have yet to start my business. Part of the reason is that I stand in my own way and overthink things but the other part is feeling really lost on where to start. I cannot purchase the VAC program at this time which I know would help me. Where should I begin in VA insiders and VA networking to actually execute steps on starting my business?
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