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  1. Yes thank you. I have tirelessly been out there and still no hits sadly. I came so close with a printing company around the corner who was going to accommodate my hours, I thought how amazing is this and close to home. I went in there with a "Get that job" attitude and felt most confident then ever. However when I showed to the office for an interview I felt unwelcome from the 1 staff member whom worked for them 5 years. I thought it was just me and believe it or not still want to think it is me however each time I made a visit to the business I felt unwanted and ignored to the point of her literally putting her back towards me when speaking in a conversation, noticing her to really just to have nothing to do once she turned her back on me, of course the owner was not around at these times. I felt that maybe since I have had many years experience in printing, working for the same company back home 3 times, setting up and running the entire front office for years, my PROUD story of...until this day that company back home still uses the systems I set up to avoid revenue loss, unneeded mistakes and timely answers to our customers. I did that when working for our top 2 accounts and I am truly proud. I could only think that may have been an intimidating source of information however I am very proud that my niche for creating systems for that company to run smoothly, was indeed a success, still! I do feel the need to share that accomplishment while interviewing not only thinking only how it is important to take initiative to create the best flow for both customer and company but I worked for the company 3 times which is most always brought up at my interviews. I of course can not be sure this to be the reason but it felt real. I was so ready to start that job Monday morning! I was given an assessment test and told it would not hinder any chances of employment as the owner seemed quite comfortable with me, each and every visit made as I was with him and the needs he was searching for to have success in his company. I felt he was ready to hire me, right there, impressed with my tenure in the printing industry as well he even was going to accommodate the spring break when my twins were out of school and my start date would be once the kids returned to school, since sadly with their father and I were currently revising our co-parenting plan, and he was not here for the 2 weeks as he is normally, Great huh?? I thought so too. Well it's a 4 person operation, I can not only get along with 4 people, I am a people person who throughout my life found people approaching me for just about anything as well even if it was just to lend an ear:) I am a caretaker naturally. I lost confidence feeling I will be judged and working on "how do I get that confidence back" still has yet for me to answer. Lastly.... when I receive the call and ready to hear great news, it was just the opposite and to hear the owner say "I was on your side, I really was, however the assessment test did not turn out as I expected". Hmmm "I was on your side"? .....It makes you think who wasn't? I meant the other young man working there and he seemed nice and as well already welcoming me to the team, funny huh. I was and am still knowing my qualifications for his needs are impeccable. Well still JOBLESS:(
  2. Desperately looking for work to survive or !!!! Hello, I am new here. I do not have a website yet and my specialty has always been customer service and not sure where to span out my skills. I had a god send job up until November of last . Working for the Red Cross Stores from home, sadly we all were laid off due to the company taking business in house, and I have been struggling ever since. Not only was my whole year up until being laid off too boot, right before Christmas, as you will read the tale spinning of the saddest year of my life. Getting laid off was the hit that has taken any of our security to survive away, almost so to losing our home just last month. This job was so perfect for my family and however I have 8 children, all are grown with grand-kids back home, except for the last of my liter the twins, a boy and a girl who are soon to be 10 yrs. old. that are with me. The many medical issues we face has made working full time almost impossible outside of the home. My daughter started having seizures around the age of 2 and still after all the tests and doctor visits we still do not have answers. She also walks on her tip toes and with surgery (which was not guaranteed) put her in a wheelchair for over 6 weeks and both legs in casts. Unfortunate the surgery did not work so we have to see what options are next. Upon needing a sleep study for delayed breathing, when no activity is involved. My son has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and that flares up in his legs at anytime which leaves him unable to walk for days and as of recently for the first time affected his arm leaving him unable to write for school. I have had healthy kids always your basic cough, fever, stuff like that but the twins are sick little ones.:( So at home is ideal not only for their illnesses but I am the only one they have to care for them. I am 6 hours away from home and have been in VA Beach for almost 4 years, working from home just shy over 3 of those years, I still have almost no friends and no support system to say the least. We love it here so much and want to stay, but I am sure struggling to do so. I have been dedicated to finding work however missing the mark to be hired, maybe they see right threw the thickness of pain thinking I don't have what it takes, maybe it's me who has lost the confidence in myself. I know I am lost and need work IMMEDIATELY. VA has wonderful resources for a lot of help in times as these, however after circling calls for weeks, just to hear resources are depleted has left me wondering is there hope for employment? I just can't say. My friends in Memphis has been buying food for us which is great but is limited to help in other ways and without that I would be visiting the food banks. Last year was the hardest year of my life. My mother passed unexpectedly less then 12 hrs before her first grandchild's wedding (my oldest daughter), I lost another family member the day after, both funerals scheduled the same day, one in my hometown and another 4 hrs away from home so I could only attend my mothers. I had yet another loss of family in which I considered growing up as my 2nd mom, my mom's best friend she had been sick for over 2 yrs, she passed 1 month and a day after my mom. It will be 1 yr this month...and as well for the month are celebrations, my baby brothers birthday, my birthday, my older brothers birthday, mothers day, my daughters 1 yr anniversary, with all that there is not much I feel to celebrate. Sadly there was more to lose... My family dog who remained at home when I moved for affordability reasons and then sadly my mom's dog soon after. My dad is a Vet needed major surgery and thankful he made it through:) When I was home in July for the surgery, I had no clue I would end up bringing a puppy home! My sister was adopting a puppy at that time and I thought maybe it would help us stay active, get us outside and give us a way to show love> before I meant our little Sandy Girl (chihuahua), is when I found out she was born on the day of my mom's passing... I knew it was meant to be right then and there she would be ours to love! She helps me keep strength I need on so many days and she is loved to the depths of my heart, our hearts! We have lost so much but I keep staying positive saying this is "my year for great things". So far not too many great things it seems, my unemployment is done this month and the twins father has been emotional disconnected for some time with the children...there are no other resources available or support to lean . I moved to get healthy and be a better mom, it felt like it was just that for a bit of time, now my head spins wondering if at all soon some luck will change and I find my way back on the tracks of not worrying all could be gone. I need work or we stand to lose everything we built these last years! I found this site because I have been searching high and low to find resources to accommodate what I need to provide for my family. I pray this is the best site I could have found! Can someone give me ideas of what I should put in the tag section? Thanks for reading:)
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