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  1. roberwilliams01

    Receivables collecting

    It's very simple, outsource your collecting work to a virtual assistant company who will do that for you. And after that its their tension that hwo they will do it, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK(Between the region of law), but its not your problem...
  2. roberwilliams01

    Which is best billing software

    I have used a large number of software, but in my suggestion, Quick Books is the best accounting software as it provides a long range of options like inventory management, payroll management & sales data analysis which helps a business to get more better strategy formulation for future basis.
  3. Hi John! As you want to know the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant then you must know that today all major IT companies are heavily dependent on VA services. By opting for Virtual Assistant Services you can outsource all your non-core activities to a person to whom you just have pay as much as he works for you. This leads to the saving of time, cost & energy in getting your work done.
  4. roberwilliams01


    Hi Tim! My name is Robert Williams & I have joined this group some days ago. Nice to meet you & other members in this forum. I have started working as a virtual assistant from my home only & need related updates to it. Thank you
  5. roberwilliams01

    Question about resume

    As per my experience you should go for a new resume without mentioning anything about your VA business, because every organization wants a resource for a long-term benefit & telling them about a side business is giving them a surety that you are not a long run resource...
  6. roberwilliams01


    Hi Marie!!! This is Rober Williams and feeling great to know about you and your Agency... Welcome here... : )
  7. roberwilliams01

    New to Forum

    Hii everybudy!!!!! This is rober williams, I have joined this group recently. I lives in sheridan USA. Nice to meet you all. I am an aspirant virtual assistant & seeking to know more on this profession. Thanks
  8. roberwilliams01


    Hey Hannah, I'm Rober Williams It's really good to know that you are only 16 and started your business Always welcome any of your query or questions... All the best for a bright future...
  9. roberwilliams01

    How do you convince a client they need SEO & SEM

    Now a days online business are on a boom. On comparing with traditional way of marketing your business services, digital marketing seems to be more effective. The best part is you don't end up with wasting your money targeting the audience who are irrelevant to your business. through SEM & SEO you can increase the visibility of your contents and ads only to those whom you wish to target.
  10. roberwilliams01

    Just Getting Started

    Hello , I am Robert Williams from USA. I am a virtual assistant and I am here to resolve your issues if any . A virtual assistant helps you to reduce your work load. I am here for sharing for my knowledge .

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