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  1. Hi Danielle, I was using an affiliate link but I think I will be taking into a different approach and remove these links. Thank you so much for all of your help.
  2. Thank you, Veronica, I was struggling with this if I should offer more services than just Pinterest, but you are absolutely correct. I should focus on perfecting Pinterest and worry about other services later. I will remove contact us and use contact me because my email actually says contact me and I was following the leader when I did contact us because I have seen it on everyone else's page. Thank you so much for all of your insight.
  3. Thank you Tawyna this was great information. These were some of the exact items I needed help with about my website. It has turned a lot of potential clients away. I got the message and thank you again I can not wait for our call.
  4. Hello everyone, Can not wait to connect with you all, My name is Latoyia Anderson, my website is http://latoyiaanderson.com I have just started being a VA a little under 6 months, I am a Pinterest Virtual assistant and I would like to offer other VA services still deciding on which ones are the best to offer. I am from Norfolk, VA I am married with 4 children just had my youngest one in Jan and we decided I should stay home to take care of her and now I am facing some issues with how the online working from home field works since it so very new to me and none of the experience I have working outside of the home relates to the online community I am in need of some assistance. I love writing I published a book, I love to eat so I love to cook as well but not a well as my husband lol I heard about Tawnya through searching for virtual assistant facebook groups. So I started my work from home journey through the work at home woman website and landed a job through her newsletter of job leads, I purchased a Pinterest course through one of her articles as well and started my blog, however when applying for VA jobs I am getting turned away because my website is geared towards my blog. I got everything all wrong and I want to get on the right track and do things the right way. So if any of you lovely VA's can help me that would be greatly appreciated.
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