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    Connecting two 1Gb switches 100ft apart via 10Gb SFP

    Thanks,slove it already.
  2. I need to connect two suites in the same building that will be about 100ft from data room to data room. Suite #1 has a 1Gb switch and our various servers etc are connected to this switch Suite #2 ( new office) will need a switch. So basically I will be connecting switch #1 to switch #2. I realize I will probably need to buy a new switch #1, as the current switch has only 1Gb ports. We need 10Gb switch-switch total bandwidth - we often are shuffling large amounts of scientific data by multiple people at once to/from servers. I was looking at , say, two of "ZyXEL 24-Port GbE Smart Managed Switch with 10GbE uplink SFP Ports" , and connecting the two switches via the 10Gb uplink port. My question is, how do I physically connect the switches? Do the SFP ports support standard "Cat 6" cabling? i had also take cat6 cables form 10Gtek. what shuold i do? Or do I need to run 100ft of fiber? What "extra" hardware might I need beyond just the switches? Thanks!

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