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  1. Welcome Cristelle, You certainly do have your hands full with three kids but, hey Tawnya built the VAnetworking because she made the same decision to stay home with her children. Now, look at the great accomplishment she has made! I highly recommend following Danielle's link which can offer you a great way to set a foundation for your startup business as a VA. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor, Angela
  2. Welcome Jessie, Have you considered joining the VAinsiders? Becoming a member of the VAinsiders is a yearly membership which offers training tracks, job board posting, monthly group coaching, and other discounted perks. A minimal cost for great access to information, valuable knowledge provided by others in the group sessions, etc. which comes in handy when you need guidance. All the best, Angela
  3. Welcome Ericka, You are in the right place! For a small investment, I took Tawnya 30 day Become a Virtual Assistant course. This will answer all your questions and help you set the foundation of establishing your business. You will need to dedicate a few hours a day to do this course if you are serious about starting your work from home business. Besides the course, there are other outlets offered by vanetworking. Such as becoming a member of the VAinsiders which this yearly membership offers training tracks, job board posting, group coaching, and other discounted perks. Best of wishes in your new endeavor. Angela
  4. Good day Veronica, Apologize for the delay response; I spent the past week indulged in the VAVS. I'm still digesting all the information shared. I was trying to find out if there is a way to somehow add a link to an image only when using Canva. I wanted to be able to post the image and if you clicked on it, this would direct you to a website. I hope that is helpful, otherwise, we can come to closure with this topic. Many thanks!
  5. Good day VA Community, I recently purchased the Canva membership, getting familiar with it. Reminds me of the Spark app which allows you to create graphics, web pages, and videos. However, I think Canva has more flexibility with being creative. I haven't had a chance to do the tutorials as of yet but, was wondering if there is a way to link a site to a stand-alone graphic? For instance, I created the below graphic and wanted to link it to a blog post without making it an image that has to be included in the blog. Many thanks for your feedback in advance, Angela
  6. I did find one, it's called 'Simple Banner' by Ryan Peterson, with a $4 cost associated with purchasing it. It's very basic; you can change the background color or make it transparent and change the text color.
  7. I decided to push it out a couple of weeks due to needing a professional headshot.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I'm good to go.
  9. Firstly, let me say thank you both for taking the time to respond. It's much appreciated. To answer your question Tawnya, I started the blog sharing from my personal experience leading me into launching my own business (not emphasizing what type of business I have) and ending with now I’d like to share my version of a startup checklist to get you started on your business adventure, etc. What I wrote was with the intent of targeting anyone who wants to start a business. I purposely wanted to make sure in my writing that it would target anyone with a business idea, but don't know where to start or maybe have been thinking about starting a part-time 'hustle' on the side. The steps I took could be used for starting any busy venture. However, I do like your angle of possibly writing a separate blog about starting your own VA business and utilize the affiliated links. I'll give that some thought. What triggered me to ask my question in this forum, that remains to be unanswered is how successful or not has sign-ups been when you offer a checklist? I wanted to hear about other experiences, simply curious. I realize there could be a variable in responses depending on the subject matter. But, I'm also curious how others feel with holding back as you stated 'basically a bribe' to get them to signup. Has this been a successful technique? Because I would instead share the information vs. hold back if this isn't a successful way to obtain a client based email list. For me, I intend to help others by sharing my knowledge by blogging about helpful ways. Maybe one of my strengths/weakness (double edge sword). I'm a giver vs. the intent of not wanting something in return. I rather share my knowledge vs. ask for someone to sign up for it. It's something I need to think about or find other ways to develop a client email list. In regards to a newsletter, I have not established due to FOCUSING on so many other areas. I may revisit this in the near future, once I'm more established. My current signup is mainly to make potentially interested clients aware of any specials (discounts, coupons, etc.). And maybe this is something I could emphasize with a signup at the end of a blog. I'm hoping I had clarified my way of thinking and it came across in a positive tone. Again, thank you for your insight.
  10. Hi Mark, Thank you for the response, as I'm getting familiar with the VA world I think you are stating basically what my question is asking. I have written a blog about my experience leading up to my checklist. I think I'm following what you mean about a content upgrade, turning my checklist into a client base signup. Basically, this is What I was trying to ask should I make the checklist part as a signup to receive it? And in return, I would like to hear how successful that has or has not been for others from their experience. Currently, one aspect of my marketing is posting weekly blogs on my networking forums, and when you click on them, they bring the traffic straight to my site. Also, I link my blogs with my number and request assistant form although they are already on the site just for added convenience. Respectfully.
  11. Hi Sophia, Thank you for responding, curious being new in the VA world. How do you go about and market your services? Angela
  12. Hello VA Community, RE: Does Blogging and offering a checklist build a customer base? Relatively new with blogging, have about a month experience with it, I have established a schedule from the get-go that I feel can be managed on a weekly basis. I'm wondering how successful is blogging and offering a checklist has helped you establish a customer base. I'm getting ready to post another blog "Startup Checklist - My ride to this point." I started off sharing my personal experience leading me into launching my own business, and ending with now I’d like to share my version of a startup checklist to get you started on your business adventure, etc. Looking forward to receiving your feedback on how successful or not this has been for you. Many thanks in advance, Angela
  13. Thanks for the response, I'm looking for a plugin that does put banners on your website. Preferably across the top of the screen for promotional discounts notifications.
  14. Good day VA Community, Looking for suggestions on a WordPress Plugin that is great use for creating promotional banners. As always, thank you. Angela
  15. Welcome Sophia, do you have a website you could share with us?
  16. Thanks for the second thumbs up on this. I plan on sending him a reply this evening accepting and will let you know when it happens. Again, thanks!
  17. I think all your suggestions are great, especially the last one. Thank you
  18. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. I will pursue this opportunity.
  19. After reading your response, another question came to mind. How do you go about finding other VA's to outsource? Always appreciate the great advice. Thank you
  20. Welcome Noemi, Joining this community is a great first step. There is an incredible amount of information that you would be exposed to by joining the VAinsiders at a minimum. Here are some quick resourceful links: Free Resources VAinsiders Joining will give you access to job board, training tracks, seminars, business templates, etc. VAC - Virtual Assistant Certification will walk you through all you need to know with starting your business in 30 days. (Highly recommend) from reading your intro. This is just a scratch of the surface. I personally have been receiving such great guidance when needed. You could also, set up a free 15 minute consultation call with Tawnya. All the best in moving forward to make your idea a reality. Angela
  21. Hello VA Community, A little background before leading to my question. On Monday I received a LinkedIn connection request from a Founder & Editor of The Startup Growth. He conveyed he bumped into me on accident and noted I had an impressive profile. Also, always looking to connect and network with other smart, influential leaders and was looking forward to learning more about what I do. So, naturally, I accepted the connection and indicated I was looking forward to sharing the knowledge, building camaraderie and engaging with him and others who share my enthusiasm. He responded back on Friday with the following: I wanted to know if you are interested in being interviewed about your experience as an entrepreneur? The blog is located here: https://medium.com/the-startup-growth The blog will give you a chance to tell your story and gain exposure through my social networks. We have a series called, Pop Quiz, Monday. The Pop Quiz, Monday is a fun feature that we have on our blog that provides entrepreneurial advice by answering seven questions. You will be able to plug your website and social media networks. We have over 12,000 views per month on our blog. Let me know if you are interested. I reviewed the questions, and part of me would like to proceed, it would be great exposure but then due to launching my career this year back in February PT working on two contracts and recently going FT, should I hold off until I have more time under me sort-of-speak? Looking forward to your feedback, Angela
  22. Hello VA Community, I recently had a potential client reach out to me for services I don't provide. Any recommendations to provide in a response? Thank you in advance, Angela
  23. Hello VA Community, I'm so glad to be part of the VAnetworking community and looking forward to developing, sharing the knowledge, building camaraderie and engaging with other like-minded virtual assistants who share my enthusiasm. I recently resigned from a full time position to pursue becoming a VA to allow me a work-life balance. I'm currently working on the launch of my website, marketing strategy and a 101 other things. As I am sure all of you are! We Can Do It! In a way of introduction, I put together a mini bio and short video clip. Angela Atanasio-Medeiros, Founder of The VA Extraordinaire LLC, resides with her husband in the heart of Reston Town Center, VA where hosting hundreds of events take place every year – from films and festivals to fun runs and concerts. Personally, heavily involved in community services (5k’s fundraiser for Breast Cancer Survivorship, Breast Cancer Awareness, March of Dimes Prematurity of research for babies, Best Buddies Friendship walks for IDD Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). I am a one-person business entrepreneur. A ’thoughtful partner’ and someone who you can trust and rely on to help grow your business or care for your personal administrative tasks. A dedicated, proven business-class, results-oriented professional with broad office management, administrative support, supervision and performance optimization experience. My more than twenty-five years of experience, with over 14 years garnered with Fortune 500 companies, has honed my ability to build effective working relationships at all corporate levels and with clients across a variety of industries. In addition, I possess strong communication and networking abilities, detailed organizational talents and a solid understanding of communication and collaboration tools. I have excellent judgement, practice strict confidentiality and believe in being proactive to prevent problems instead of 'fighting fires.' Highlights · Served roles that required an elevated level of organization and attention to detail; also fulfilled duties involving confidential information with integrity and discretion · Earned recognition for administrating and enforcing governance of policies · Took on roles simultaneously to comprehensively manage all technical aspects of eLearning operations · Crafted a new project file coding system with an architectural firm, thus allowing for swift, efficient retrieval from an assortment of more than 1K projects from a previously-disorganized system · Delivered full administrative support to the Director of Pupil Services, Principal and Assistant Vice Principal on a year-round basis · Prior to my current career path, worked in retail for 13 years, progressing from Cashier to Manager; engaged in staffing, training, inventory control, customer service, advertising and finance As a VA, you will find me to be a driven team player committed to supporting in achieving objectives through superior performance. In way of introduction_ as a new member to VAnetworking (1).mp4 VAinsidersQA.doc
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