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  1. Jon Buscall of JontusMedia was a pleasure to speak with, he made it very easy to relax and just have a chat. "Just One Person Can Help You Succeed Online" You can subscribe to his podcast through iTunes
  2. Hey everyone, I'm am escaping the lonely North for a week and I'll be in Victoria from September 28th to September 30th. I figured now is my chance to meet some fellow VAs - anyone want to get together for lunch/whatever sometime during those three days? Theresa, if you're reading this we're still on for our date no matter what! Ta ta for now Ladies...
  3. I believe it is but I'm not sure how close or how far it is from here - I just moved here this past fall... Is your sister a VA by any chance?
  4. Anyone? I'd love to get together with any other VAs in Northern BC. C'mon, the snow is finally starting to melt, we can come out of hibernation and start to socialize again! Hee hee!
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