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  1. Hi All, I've never done anything quite like this and I need suggestions, and maybe some help ­ here's the short version: I have a friend who is in a very difficult position regarding her children and keeping them away from their evil abusive father who keeps dragging everyone to court trying to get joint custody while his criminal sentencing keeps getting delayed (for the child abuse). It's just ridiculous what my dear friend has been going through, and of course her legal fees are now piling up. We want to create a campaign to get her story "out there" so that we can make the craziness known and also so that we can set up a way for donations to be received for legal fees. I'm sure there¹s lots I can do, I just don¹t know what or how to start, and if anyone out there has experience with this I'd totally be willing to pay for your services as well, to me this is worth it. Thanks so much!
  2. Read the diary of a real life Virtual Superhero! Want to sneak a peek into a true Superhero's diary? Now's your chance! SMac (that's me) has a new newsletter and in it you'll find all sorts of super ideas to help you with your business efficiency and a couple of fun bits and bobs now and then as well. You can sign up if you like: http://eepurl.com/kasxX It's been a few months now and you can read past issues from the archives here: http://www.totheresc...etter-archives/ Thanks!
  3. Jon Buscall of JontusMedia was a pleasure to speak with, he made it very easy to relax and just have a chat. "Just One Person Can Help You Succeed Online" You can subscribe to his podcast through iTunes
  4. Hi Suzanna, I prefer Freshbooks myself (that's an affiliate link by the way) - I used myHours for quite a few years but now Freshbooks saves me loads of time, and best of all you don't have to pay for it unless you have over three clients. It looks very professional, sends out automatic reminders for you, has all sorts of cool reports, and it has desktop widgets that you can use to track your time. The client can even log into the system to see how many hours have been spent on their work so far, it's very slick, I love it.
  5. I am Sarah MacGregor, I'd like to win the Lenovo because my entire house is only 730 sq feet and anything that saves me space is a big bonus!
  6. Whew, thanks Patty! I figured it would be that way, thanks for the confirmation. I hate deleting things!
  7. Hi All, In all this time I've never had to delete a product in 1ShoppingCart, and now I'm afraid to do it! I know how to actually "do" it of course, but I'm wondering what happens to the customer records that are attached to this product? Do they disappear too? Looking for reassurance (hoepfully)!
  8. Hi Diana, I've been using my Mac for all the years I've been a VA and I've never had a problem. Only one of my client's uses a Mac, I do indeed use Office for Mac, and there are loads of cool tools out there for Macs that are great for converting anything!
  9. Hi All, I remember seeing something about small businesses being able to write off their computer equipment entirely if they purchased it by some date this year, but I don't remember the details of it all. Does anyone recall this, or have more info about this? It may be time for me to switch to a new computer soon... Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I've never used Hootsuite before and a client needs to delete a scheduled facebook post from Hootsuite - how the heck can this be done? Thanks!
  11. Exactly Dana! I think this was definitely a case of education and we had a great call in the end, found a solution that is a better fit, and onward and upwards we go. I too have clients who like to email or call and chat, and the one keeps saying that I should charge him for every little call, but why? We have a great relationship and I'm not going to bother noting every second that we're in communication, particularly since we're often laughing at some point! Thanks again everyone for your help and suggestions.
  12. Hi all, I'm still relatively fresh when it comes to the being a multi-va business owner, and I'm trying to think of ways to better utilize our team meeting time. So, I'd love to hear what others are doing during their team meetings, and how often you're having them. At the moment we're discussing project we're working on, sharing successes, and pooling our brain power if anyone is having any challenges that they're facing. Sometimes it takes 45 mins, sometimes only 15 mins! Anyways, I'd love to hear what others are doing. Thanks!
  13. Yes, we've got timesheets that document all of the calls and the time spent on each, and the client has already seen these. The client is relatively new when it comes to working with VAs so I think this is probably just a case of her not reading the contract over in detail and not realizing just how much she was utilizing the phone as her mode of communication. It's good that we've already found a solution so perhaps it would be best to do a one-time discount just to "smooth their feathers" for now. Thanks Ramona & Judy for your input!
  14. I've got a client that is not happy with her bill as she says there is too much time billed for communication. This client is new and has been working with a member of my team, and when I had checked in with her she said everything was fine. The team member notified me early on that this person insisted on calling often instead of emailing and discussing potential projects, hashing them out and getting ideas, and that she was trying to help steer her into actually beginning some work and moving forward from there instead of just talking about it. They've since decided to keep it to a weekly 20 minute call only to discuss action items etc., and then emails if any further clarification is needed, and the client said she was much more comfortable with that. However, the invoice due date has come and gone and I've sent a reminder to pay the bill. This is now when the client has replied that they're not happy with the amount of communication that they were billed for. Any thoughts on how to handle this one without ticking this person off? I don't want to be left with a big bill unpaid... Thanks!
  15. Hi All, I've recently taken the plunge and become a multi-va practice, nice and small to start and going smoothly so far, but now I've come across something that I'm not sure how to work out. If I were to have payment packages for something like web design or social networking, how would that work when I have to turn around and pay my associates hourly? It's been a long day and I'm just not thinking straight anymore, can't seem to work this one out in my head! Does anyone else do this? Thanks!
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