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  1. I have been doing so much reading that now I am ready to start forward. Need directions on how to register business in state of Pennsylvania and where can I go to create my website? Also would like to connect with VAs in the state of Pennsylvania. Waiting to hear from you... Noemi
  2. Good Day, my name is Noemi Torres. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in United States of America. I have been married for 28 years and have three grown adult children: Jon 27, Kristen 24, and Justin 20. My husband is Ed. At this time I do not have a website. I am in the process of putting one together. I have worked in the corporate world for 20 plus years as an Administrative Assistant. I work a full time job 8:30a-4:30p for a caregiving agency as a PT Scheduler / HR Assistant and work about 30 hours evening/overnight as a caregiver for the senior. I am ready to take life and career path to a different directions. I am new to the Virtual Assistant and need to take baby steps to make sure I do not mess this up. My hobbies and interests are learning anything new, organizing, cleaning and sports. The first step I need to do is create a Virtual Assistant resume. I have googled some samples but it comes through blurry when I want to read it. Any suggestions? I am setting up slowly my home office and gathering all the electronic equipment I need. I have a All In One HP desktop; a Compaq desktop w/ tower; an HP laptop, a tablet, a kindle a smartphone, a fax machine; a All In One Printer (Scan, Copies, Print); a headset and a foot pedal. Is there anything else I need? I am terrify in taking the first step but at the same time I am extremely motivated. I need to take some training on some applications and some refresher course. I know In the business world today MS Office Suite is one application. Are there any other I should expose myself to? Hope to hear from my supporters. Wish Me Luck!!!
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