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  1. I have a Dell laptop. I run Windows 10. I am hoping what I have is enough because I can't go out and get new equipment right now.
  2. I'll be 60 in January and am just learning about becoming a VA. It's pretty exciting!
  3. Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forum and have to say that I am on a bit of information overload. I'm very interested in starting a VA business but I'm totally lost as to where to even start. I don't have a lot of "recent" experience but I've always enjoyed office work. I'm almost 60 and live in a small rural area where if you aren't 20 ish, blonde, skinny with a big chest, no one is interested in hiring you. So where to start? Is there something I should be doing first? Second? etc? I've been reading so much of this board that my eyes are crossing!
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