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  1. Morning ladies~ I'm in western Maryland (about 1.5 hours west of Baltimore/Washington DC metro area). I believe there's a thread around here for VAs in that region and think this group meets from time to time (or at least have attempted to.) ~Ruth
  2. Hi Leona, I don't believe anything formal ever got underway for a meetup. Seems we're all scattered across Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. area. I'm in western Maryland. Great to have you on the forum. ~Ruth
  3. LOL, when I read food included I was thinking a restaurant at or beside the hotel instead of inclusive in the pricing.
  4. Hi Janet, It's disappointing that the admin assistant made a blunder by leaving a bit of coding in the letter BUT it's a great keepsake all the same. (I do believe the names probably do end up in a database, of sorts.) I know of a congressman and two senators for our local district who send congratulatory letters when press releases about awards and business acclamations are published in our local newspaper. They each have local offices in the county seat. Over the years, I've received several such letters from two of them congratulating me on my business achievements and when I've
  5. Congratulations, Gayle! Great to see interviews like these. Thanks for sharing. ~Ruth
  6. I saw that this seminar has been cancelled. Will it be rescheduled at a later date? ~Ruth
  7. Patty: This appears to be background the reporter dug up from this site's blog. >> http://www.virtualassistant.org/outsourcin...tual-assistant/ Thanks for the congrats everyone. ~Ruth
  8. Happy to share that our [Ruth, Karri, and Sandy's] interviews appear in the September/October 2009 issue of Smart Company Magazine. Smart Company is a Maryland regional business magazine known as the business voice for Frederick and Washington Counties. You can read the full article here. The article is titled, Support Via Cyberspace: Virtual Assistants Offer Office Help Without The Overhead. ~Ruth
  9. This seems like too much fun to miss out on. Better mark the dates on my calendar. ~Ruth
  10. Have you checked the VA business directory? Click on the state(s) you wish to see.
  11. Congrats, Kathy! Great write up and exposure for you and your business. While it can be intimidating having a tape recorder visible I think your comments sound natural and read well in the piece. Don't give the big city reference a second thought. ~Ruth
  12. Congrats, JudyAnn! Great article. Glad you posted it for all to read. ~Ruth
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