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  1. Thanks Patty. I'll check these links out. In the short, it appears that I'll need to manually write a check to expense these out as an auto-method doesn't seem to be possible..... Excerpted.....You can enter mileage under Company, Vehicle Mileage and get a report of your mileage. However, this does NOT record any expense for the mileage. You should write a check to reimburse the mileage to get the expense recorded so it shows up on the P&L. ~Ruth
  2. Hi all, Question 1: I enter my mileage into Quickbooks and noticed that the actual mileage rate hasn't updated to the current rate. I accept all the update notices when they pop up. Is there a way to update this manually? I'm using Quickbooks Pro 2012. Question 2: Is there a way to make the info from this mileage log automatically enter transactions into the ledger? Thanks in advance, ~Ruth
  3. My point is unless it's absolutely necessary for you to fund a software or monthly service subscription pass on picking up these expenses. No need to fund the client's business. Make your money work for you. Too often I hear VAs talk about carrying a service subscription fee for a client [they may invoice for this but why even put yourself in the middle] and then talk of cash flow crunches or the client leaves their services and they have the mess to clean up and/or separate. This may not be applicable to this specific situation but think before offering to pay for a single-use client based software or subscription and ask yourself if this expense really needs to be made by you...or the client? ~Ruth
  4. Hi Shannon, The client should purchase their own version of QuickBooks. ~Ruth
  5. Morning ladies~ I'm in western Maryland (about 1.5 hours west of Baltimore/Washington DC metro area). I believe there's a thread around here for VAs in that region and think this group meets from time to time (or at least have attempted to.) ~Ruth
  6. Hi Leona, I don't believe anything formal ever got underway for a meetup. Seems we're all scattered across Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. area. I'm in western Maryland. Great to have you on the forum. ~Ruth
  7. LOL, when I read food included I was thinking a restaurant at or beside the hotel instead of inclusive in the pricing.
  8. You would get the 1099 if you've invoiced $600 or more to the client. Candy of OffAssist answered this question recently at 2 Minutes With a VA.
  9. Hi Janet, It's disappointing that the admin assistant made a blunder by leaving a bit of coding in the letter BUT it's a great keepsake all the same. (I do believe the names probably do end up in a database, of sorts.) I know of a congressman and two senators for our local district who send congratulatory letters when press releases about awards and business acclamations are published in our local newspaper. They each have local offices in the county seat. Over the years, I've received several such letters from two of them congratulating me on my business achievements and when I've opened businesses. I've never added mine to a website but have kept them in the business scrapbook and shared them with the board of directors when I worked with the non-profit organization. ~Ruth
  10. Congratulations, Gayle! Great to see interviews like these. Thanks for sharing. ~Ruth
  11. I have separate banks only because I could get better business services and rates at another bank. As long as your business and personal accounts are separate the rest is personal preference.
  12. Thanks everyone. I have everything set up and it seems to be working. ~Ruth PS: What can I say, I don't offer bookkeeping services for a reason. All of the end data is where it needs to be when I take it to the CPA at the end of the year but she probably doesn't realize how I make entries either.
  13. Thanks, Deb. This is the step I thought I may have overlooked. Now the picture is becoming clearer. When my CPA said to set things up this way she didn't review the exact steps but said I'd see everything. (Bless her heart I think she forgets sometimes that I don't do bookkeeping and the obvious isn't always obvious when you don't work in it often.)
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