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  1. I have been trying to start my VA business for so long that it is ridiculously crazy. Now that I am being told twice a month that I have to move I am stressing to get things done. I remembered today that I had an account here and my friend Regina said this is a really good place for support and networking. I am trying to create my Facebook business page and am feeling so stuck and in a fog. Trying not to overthink things but it happens. Could really use some help! Thank you.
  2. Hi Toni! Great to see someone else from Idaho! How exciting for you and your family to be living off the grid. Here's to continued success for you in the VA industry
  3. My name is TJ. I am pulling things together to start my VA business. I am a grandmother of 2 beautiful teenage girls and am blessed to live down the road from them. I am ready to learn and grow with all of you wonderful women!
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