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  1. Hi Anita, I have submitted many articles around the net. I usually submit them as Press Releases in the typical PR style. IT is easy and quick. I found links and emails to the various editors I want to target. I send individual emails to each of the editors as well as PR Web. I had an article read over 43000 times and published over 500 times. That excited me! I even got a few leads from it to make it all worthwhile. -AFYHeather
  2. I have read and re-read the book called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways!" by Susan Jeffers. Amazing book! Motivating Inspiring Full of Great info! Check it out! -AFYHeather
  3. Well Lisa, You know I do have an "existing VA" program as well. LOL. Thank you and everyone for the kudos. I am thrilled and will give you updates as the program evolves. Warmly, -AFYHeather
  4. Update: Just wanted to let you all know that I have had 8 sign up for my mentoring program! I am thrilled! Each seems to be enjoying the program although find the exercises a bit of a stretch at times. I am excited to be adding "group" sessions in about month. This will allow all those in the program to collaborate and help each other grow. To make this happen, my new goal is to double my mentoring base to 16 and that will give us two great sized classes for the group sessions. If you know of anyone who needs a mentor or would like to revamp their business, I'd love the referral! Warmly, AFYHeather
  5. I like your site. Simple, to the point. - Heather
  6. Congrats on your new contract! Well done!!!! Heather
  7. HI Dale, The "God" among us! Thanks for the encouragement! I will keep you posted. Heather
  8. HI Melody, Sorry to hear you got laid off. That's tough! I don't know if it would be appropriate to take this conversation further online so I would encourage us taking it offline and I will answer all your questions. I have put a lot of thought and research and hard-earned experience into the packages I have created. With polling quite a few other VAs established as well as new, I came up with my pricing. I am also flexible and help the VAs work around or set up something to help them get what they need while balancing what I need too. I look forward to speaking with you soon. My email is heather@assistantforyou.com. Yahoo! ID: mattsrose (if you want to IM me) Heather Assistant For You! P.S. thank you all for your continued comments! It is really helpful and encouraging!
  9. My absolute goal (right now) is to help others build successful businesses and then sub out most of my work to them. Then I become more of the "hub". This was my intention when I started up my business 3 years ago. In the immediate future, my goals are to find at least 5 new VAs and 5 established VAs so I can do private and then add a montly or bi-weekly group chat where both groups can have a collaboration and Q & A session. This will help the New VAs gain confidence in what they are accomplishing and the Established VAs get a chance to not only show their stuff but also give back. I can't tell you how rewarding it is to give a little seedling some water and food and watch it grow. Same thing with people. In 6 months to a year, I want to be at the point where I have some of the Established VAs and even some of the New VAs taking on some projects from my clients and prospects. Then I can concentrate on the mentoring, my family, and my other business. In a year, I will probably have more fine-tuned the program and added new classes / sessions. Might even be at the point where I can add bridgelines and whatnot. (Probably before a year!) But that is my plan for the immediate future. Heather
  10. Hi Kimmer, Thanks for the feedback. I polled about 50 new VAs and they all said they could and would invest in this type of service. Most quoted that they would actually invest more. I do have a dedicated page - actually a few - on my site that is devoted to this new service. That was one of the first things I did. And I have put in a few posts. I like the idea of a banner. The logo and banner are in creation and should be done relatively soon. I didn't want to wait to launch. I can't wait to hear what other's think! Heather
  11. Hi Everyone, Need your opinions... I have been re-energized by adding a new service. This post is to ask your opinion and for ideas in how I should get the word out and promote this new service.... I have been asked over the past several months by several VAs to mentor and coach them through their start-up phase. I have decided (after I have received 30 phone calls in the middle of the night thanks to different time zones) to start a paid mentoring / coaching service to new VAs to help guide them through their startup phase to include exercises on creating a biz plan, how to narrow the field and how to target the people you want to have as clients, unlimited emails plus scheduled phone calls that we Q & A and go over exercises and a slew of other things. Here are my questions... 1. Does that sound like a good service to offer? 2. How do I start spreading the word? 3. How valuable of a service do you think this would be? I'd be charging an hourly fee (and put together packages that start at under $40 per hour) What do you think? Sincerely, Heather
  12. I absolutely love QuickBooks Pro 2003. With the ability to set up multiple accounts, the built in timer that dumps automatically into the invoices, ability to track subcontractors, time sheets, payroll, bill pay and all the other features in one place is just too great! Wished they had this years ago! Would have made tracking a budget REALLY easy! My two cents! Sincerely, Heather Assistant For You!
  13. I have a few articles written. If you would like to include them in your ezine or on your website please give a link back and due acknowledgement for articles. Articles on my site Sincerely, Heather
  14. Assistant For You!™ is a virtual assistance and web design company that provides business support services from website design and promotion to administrative services and desktop publishing. The reliability, flexibility and vast array of services we at Assistant For You!™ offer creates a natural environment that saves you time, money and increases productivity by helping to streamline your systems. As our motto says, “taking care of all your business needs!” You can meet us on-line at http://www.assistantforyou.com Sincerely, Heather Bresser Assistant For You!
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