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  1. BrittanyDantzle

    Billable vs. Non Billable

    I hope this isn't a crazy question. Well I actually have a couple of questions 1. What is considered billable vs. nonbillable hours? 2. I was reading throughout the forum about charging clients in fifteen minute increments. How would this be calculated if say a job is thirty minutes? Thank You.
  2. BrittanyDantzle

    VA Packages

    Thank you so much! I will be attending the VAinsiders call today.
  3. BrittanyDantzle

    VA Packages

    I have been doing research and I see there are hourly and package rate that many virtual assistant charge. I have a question about the packages. 1. How do you come up with pricing for the packages. I think it would be beneficial to do a package deal with discounts however I am unsure where to start. Also, for my niche, I was thinking of general administrative duties as well as HR work to contain bookkeeping. I also have knowledge as a legal assistant, however, I think the legal route is not as likely to generate much business. Is charging $30.00 per hour for an hourly too high or is it still competitive? Thank You.
  4. BrittanyDantzle

    New VA

    Hello Everyone, My name is Brittany and I based in Colorado. I am married with three young sons. I was in the military for four years and now I am branching out to start my own business as a virtual assistant. I just started my business and I am having trouble and where to begin my journey as a VA. I do not have a website set up and I am unsure how to attract clients in order for the business to grow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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