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  1. Hi all!! Im pretty sure I just landed my first client yeah Her business is so heart based and in line with my values etc and we are having a discovery call monday but she said she wants to hire me just wants to discuss specifics and make sure we "vibe" Anyway......i will be assisting her with several things but she has a podcast webinars and youtube channels and i have no idea how to set that up and i think she might be asking me for help maintaining it....if any of you tecky people can point me in the direction of learning resources id really like to try to get a jump start before monday... thank you immensely!!!!!
  2. Hi everyone..i recently joined this group but had to put my business on haitus due to a serious family issue...now i am ready to go and i wanted to share a bit about myself and my business and website I am a former social worker..i used to work with people with disabilities and i worked for healthcare organizations, businesses, non profits and hospitals. I am now specializing with small healthcare businesses and non profits and disabled business owners and individuals. My services are both business/professional and personal assistance (my business is heavy on the personal assistance and i think i will eventually be transitioning to focusing more on disabled business owners and individuals) so i offer anything from social media management, email management and calendar management and patient calls/customer care to personal virtual assistance. i.e. helping people find drs, health resources, personal calendar management, online shopping, etc. so i provide alot of services alot VAs dont. I have made two leads and excellent contacts and am now will be getting into pitching regularly I dont have the confidence to have my website critiqued live (I am a very sensitive soul lol so please go easy on me and gentle but i welcome any feedback) Here is my website....i look forward to connecting with ya'll and learning more about the VA business. www.avirtualhelpinghand.com (the one thing i might change is that i dont want people to get the impression that all disabled people are in wheelchairs...alot have invisible disabilities so i might change the pictures a bit) Thank you kindly and have a blessed week everyone Nancy
  3. wanted to mention...there are plenty of other skills i have but content writing is a weakness
  4. Good evening ya'll. Hope you all had a good weekend. I am in need of help. I don't want to get too personal however, I have a mild brain injury and it affects the way I write and my ability to keep info concise.....I have seen many of the websites of the newbies on here and I am in awe of how wonderful they are...very simple but too the point and effective. I am looking for a ghostwriter/content editor for my website..you will see, my business is big on the personal assistance services and I am using my prior healthcare background and combining them with my VA business. My website is done on wix (I did it before I took a course on wordpress but I am much more familiar with the wix platform) I am too embarrassed to post my website but it needs to be simplified and Im honestly at a roadblock. I don't have a large budget but my budget is $100. My site is a few pages with a few sections on each page. I have two different target markets so I felt I needed to explain my services in depth...if you have the writing/editing skills please pm me and i will send you my site...I am open to constructive criticism just don't want to be inundated with judgment.
  5. thanks so much!!! I was concerned my website was too wordy and was difficult to navigate but thanks for the compliment. Have a good vacation...oh as an aside, i sent an email to support because i never received the link to download the stocking stuffer freebies. Nancy p.s. i live in new york...not sure if you've ever been there..it can be quite the experience
  6. Hi all! I was wondering...what is included in the paid membership that is not in the free one?? Im kinda confused..thanks
  7. Hi there!! I'm Nancy and I am a brand new VA. My previous profession was in social services and health education and I have incorporated my experience into my new business, specializing with healthcare businesses, non profits and disabled business owners and individuals. My business is heavy on the personal assistance services and from the knowledge I have gathered, noone is providing this type of service to the disabled. Of course, I am also offering business support as well. My website is www.avirtualhelpinghand.com I did it on wix.com which is a platform I am very familiar with and I didnt realize most VA's do their sites on wordpress. Hope it's ok. On a personal note, I am divorced with no children, live in Queens, NY and love meeting new people, travel, cooking, and all life has to offer. This new VA venture has been a strong learning curve for me as I had to learn alot of programs and how to do alot of stuff most VAs do. I am still preparing my contracts and planning to learn a few more programs before I officially launch in about a month...I did send out a few cold email pitches but didnt hear anything back..I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of the free email templates in the stocking stuffer At the moment, I am feeling very overwhelmed, feeling like I need to "do it all" and am in awe of the skills so many VAs bring to the table. Any support and feedback would be helpful. Look forward to getting to know you all better and best wishes and blessings on your own VA journeys
  8. hi there..i am new here and i read there were lots of free stuff on the site, including business templates, a 200 virtual assistance services, etc..i am logged in and see links to them but each time i try to click on them it says, enter here to gain access...i am already logged in when it says that..any help would be appreciated
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