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  1. Yes do I have to have a website and a blog to start? do i need to sign up as a sole prop with someone like legal zoom? Will I need any licenses? What are the basic 10 steps I need to do first. Thank You Ericka
  2. Hello to everyone, My name is Ericka Johnson, I currently live in Colorado but am moving back to the East coast in the Spring of this year. I grew up in New York City and went to Union college in upstate New York graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I then worked for four years in the restaurant business, before I attended The Culinary Institute of America graduating with an Associates Degree in the Culinary Arts. I worked in the restaurant business for about seven years and then moved to an office job, I have worked in a call center, front desk at a medical office and now front desk at a vet hospital. I has always been a dream of mine to own my own business ( work for myself ), I did have a sauce business but unfortunately it did not work out, but I learned a lot. I have been working in offices for the last 9 years, but it has been hard to make ends meet. So I recently went on line to look for part time jobs i could do from home and this popped up. I thought to myself well I have been doing this for other companies I can do this on my own. So I need all the advice and help I can get I think this will fit my skill set and I can work for myself, I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thank you Ericka
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