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  1. I would have to agree with the others.....C it is.
  2. Lynn I tried all these things and it still isn't fixed. Jo....What needs to be fixed is the margins - it's showing up so large and isn't a "normal" size document. I hope that makes sense.
  3. A client sent a word attachment in an email and asked me to change the font, size and margins. Seems simple - right? Well not for this girl today!! I have checked the margins, tabs, font size, - you name it - I am pretty sure I have checked it. What can I do to fix this? It just needs to be a simple one page document 8.5x11 and with 1.25 right and left margins. Help.....I just feel like I'm brain dead today and can't fix this!! Thank you so much!
  4. I have one ongoing client who I keep in touch with a lot through email. It's not often that we communicate by phone even though she is local. I am just wondering if it would be okay to contact her in an email to ask for referrals and if she knows of anyone who would be in need of a VA. I know she has many contacts. What would be the best and most effective way to do this? Thanks!
  5. I need to purchase this for my business and just wanted to know if anyone knew where is the best place to get this from as far as price is concerned. Is there also a place online I can download a free trial to play around with this? Thanks for your help!!!
  6. Nancy - here is my email dlmurray92@yahoo.com can you send some info to me - I need to start from the beginning and just want to get all my ducks in a row before beginning. Thank you!! Michelle - I will check out her website and ebook and see what info I can find from her. Thank you so much for your help!!
  7. When my husband and I had the RE company handle our utilites we had to sign a form with our info that we gave permission they take care of our utilites. It was such a relief for us and one less thing for us to worry about. I would have to contact the utlitiy companies and find out what legal stuff I need to take care of.
  8. Along with my VA business I am wanting to start a 'welcoming service' type service. I don't see a lot of info on the web on how to begin this. I have in mind things I would like to provide to new members of the community but I am having troubles taking the first step. I wouldn't begin this until we are moved to Louisiana (in a few months) but I would like to start somewhere. Contact the Chamber first??? Another service I would like to provide that doesn't seem to be offered in the new area we are moving to is working with the different real estate companies as their conceige (spelled wrong - I know....need more coffee!!) I got this idea from when we have bought and sold a home. Someone from the RE office takes care of turning on and off or transfering all of our utilities or any other needs we may have in the moving process. I know this is something I would be good at! What do you think of this and what do you suggest I do to get started on this idea? Thank you for any help you can give!! Daphne
  9. Me too please! Thank you!!! Daphne Murray dlmurray92@yahoo.com
  10. It sounds a little strange to me. I would go with your gut feeling. The other day I had a lady send me 3 emails requesting I open a bank account here in the states for her - she is in South Africa. First thing I did is hit delete!!
  11. I will keep everyone in my prayers!
  12. I have sent letters out to a group of consultants that I would love to work with. I plan on sending out more letters or postcards to the next group and start with my marketing calendar. Now I need to know if I should call these companies or can I email them or fax them? I'm worried about SPAM. I do have their email and fax numbers. Thanks!!
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