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  1. Yes, they have a great deal right now, hoping to get in on that before it goes away. I was thinking more long-term, hopefully by then I'll be earning money & can take the increase in price.
  2. Site Builder is where my website is. And I really love it. So, while I can't use the images from there some place else, it suits me for now. The customization is amazing for free. I've got exactly what I need. I've done a lot of comparison. And some of the cheapest sites have poor customer service, some of the more high-end ones are too expensive, and I just can't stand WordPress. I know lots of people find it useful & simple. But I can't customize it the way that I want, not with the free version. So I've found what makes me comfortable. I need to be able to manage, maintain, and also not be frustrated w/the design. I can't be productive if I'm sitting for an hour trying to figure out how to get things to look the way I want them to. I don't like tons of time spent "troubleshooting". It's a serious drain on my energy.
  3. Yes, absolutely. Sales copy is fascinating. Writing to sell, is so much better than the agressive in-person approach to sales that is typically thought of. I've been working a lot recently, now that I've got meds to help w/my other medical issues. I am learning as much as I can, especially since there are so many more tools and platforms that one needs to learn and know in order to succeed. I have been gradually using the LinkedIn Learning tools. They have lessons in a lot of things for free w/my Premium trial. It's great b/c seeing the visuals while listening really helps me to understand.
  4. The meds thing is OK, after all. Thankfully. I was able to get all of my RXs. They have this thing on the drugstore site, when the Rx is being filled it will often show the price minus insurance, then when it's filled, it shows the co-pay. This always makes me nervous. B/C sometimes it shows your co-pay. So when I see a funny high number I get scared. But it's all good. I will check out the group coaching. I actually had forgotten about that, what with trying to find some income. part-time is all I can manage at the best of times. I also live in a very disruptive environment, noisy neighborhood makes it hard to concentrate for a lot of the time. Some afternoons I have to put earplugs in so that I can think & (try) to block out pounding bass. My current site is by Site Builder. I love it, it's just pricey. But I'm attached to the interface, the current template/design that I have really works for me. Thank you so much for sharing that article with me. I actually wrote an (upcoming) blog post about writing with ADHD. I really need to get my ADHD medication soon so that I can be more in-depth in my research & writing. Oh & I'm not the hyperfocused type, I'm very inattentive & scattered, moving from one thing to another, sort of drifting. Coffee helps, but overall it's very difficult w/o Ritalin. Docs are very wary & hesitant to help me at all. I work best in short bursts.
  5. Hi Danielle, thank you, I have looked at them, even appied to a couple. I've arranged some reviews for pay, but that's not much more than beer money. I've placed some Craigslist ads, and am attending a networking event this week to see if I can make any connections. I tend to do best in-person. Before I got sick, I did really well with interviews, preparations, etc. But the online job seeking world is so much different. I've had to readjust my techniques and parameters many times. Since I don't have any money for anything, not even bills, The Dept. of Ed also took 15% of my check from me, I'm hoping to find something before the month is over.
  6. Thanks Danielle. I will probably do that. I have had a lot of trouble w/links on there. It's probably a glitch b/c sometimes when you click on a link it opens a tab that says something like oops that's us.
  7. Wordpress just isn't my cup of tea. I like my current site the way I have it, as well as the way the template customizations are set up much better. I'll stick to it until I can afford a paid site.
  8. Thank you Meissa, I will consider that. I have a very specific style & preferences when it comes to customization. I like dark backgrounds with light/bright letters. I have a Wordpress acct. that I don't even use. I don't really like the UI on there. But I'll take another look, after all, that was a few years ago, when I did check it out.
  9. So I have a free website for now. But want to upgrade. I found a great deal from one place, but they don't have the template I want. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Is it possible to use the images from the other website's template? Does anyone know?
  10. I've been out of the loop for a good long while. Reviewed and implemented many strategies which helped me. But now I'm getting back in the game. I watched a webinar and got some useful info, but when I checked my LinkedIn page, it seems that they've marked my website as potentially malicious or harmful. I've had no problems with my website, other than its slowness to load, it's still free for now. So I removed it. I realize that, aside from my lack of activity due to my illness, anyone seeing that may think that I'm not legit, despite how much I've edited all my content. It's all so overwhelming. I am doing some product reviews to hopefully get a little extra cash, hopefully a little more than just beer money. I'm also worried b/c I'm running out of vitamins and one of my prescriptions, even with my insurance, is showing up as really expensive. I can't work w/o all of my pills. I'll be at my best when/if I can find a way to obtain my ADHD meds. It's really difficult for me to focus, prioritize, and put in the time that my business requires. I'm glad that I found this resource, to learn, sometimes to vent, and engage with like-minded individuals like myself.
  11. My situation is similar. I started back in 2016, then had a long hiatus, due to my illness. I'm in a rush now, my head is buzzing with business ideas, but if I don't make money soon, I don't know how I'm going to make it. My landlord just raised my rent, so the pressure makes my ADHD brain even more scattered. It can be very difficult to prioritize & focus
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Layla and I've been serious about freelance work for about 3 years now. I have a disability so things have been a bit bumpy for me. My landlord just told me that the rent will increase next month. So I have to get on task, and stay on task. The Goth Writer Here's my website, still free for now, so it takes a moment to load. I also have a blog, with the same name. I love writing, write fiction, primarily supernatural & Sci-Fi, poetry, and blogging of course. I'm divorced, childfree, and have one cat who is about 5 years old. I love Goth subculture, clothes, & music. I don't get dressed up as often as I'd like, or as much as I used to when I frequented clubs. I like to watch Sci-Fi & supernatural TV shows & read books. I'm hoping to find something relatively long-term & steady soon. I hope that I've answered all the basic questions. If anyone would like to know more, please send me a message. I look forward to interacting with all of you.
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