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  1. Hi Karen, Welcome to VANA! I'm your neighbor, sort of, I live near Elizabethtown. You will enjoy the fun and friends here at VANA. Deirdre
  2. Hi Everyone I'm going to the Summit! I can't wait to meet all of you! Deirdre Shockley
  3. Hi Raven, To me working for another Virtual Assistant is the same as working for any other client. Our clients don't expect us to work exclusively for them and the VA shouldn't mind either. One thing to keep in mind is to not share information between VA clients. What happens on one team stays on that team. I am a part of 3 VA teams and they all know who I work with and they are fine. I personally love working with other VAs. Congratulations on the success! Sincerely, Deirdre Shockley
  4. Hi Sue! Welcome to VAnetworking! You'll learn so much just by reading the previous posts. Enjoy! Deirdre
  5. Hi Sabrina, The way I have to do it is save it first in a folder. Then go into the properties and change the name of the file from "saved phone recording" to whatever name you want. Then go to iTunes and click File then Add file to library. This should get it into iTunes and not save over the other one. Hope this helps! Sincerely, Deirdre Shockley
  6. Hi Can you give just a bit more information what is happening? Sometimes if you change the settings of the picture to be in front or behind the text you can move your graphic where you want it to be. Maybe it is trying to stay inside the margins. Hope this helps! Deirdre Shockley Deirdre's Virtual Office www.dvirtualoffice.com
  7. Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!! Deirdre Deirdre's Virtual Office
  8. Congratulations!! You have a very clean, professional website!! Deirdre
  9. ROFL - Shera, My housework priority is in about the same place as yours but I have to move it up this month to about ummm let's say . . . . 1842 . . . yeah, that sounds about right. Because we've just moved into a new house and I HAVE to unpack. Deirdre
  10. Hi Terri, You did a great job! A wonderful example of how we work! You were very articulate with your answers. Regards, Deirdre
  11. Congratulations!!! You have a beautiful clean website!! Kind Regards, Deirdre
  12. Hi Jodie! Isn't it exciting to "fall into your niche"!!? And I might add you're doing a great job! Deirdre
  13. Thanks everyone! It was a great day. Working the business I love so much was a great gift. Most people with a J.O.B. would like to take the day off for their birthday but I love my work and the VAs I work with! I spent the evening with family and friends, with pizza and a chocolate chip cookie cake. Deirdre
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