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  1. QuickBooks vs Wave is the classic “you get what you pay for” The free version of Wave is great if all you need to do is track bank transactions and create a set of financial statements. If you want to bill customers, track accounts receivable, enter bills, manage accounts payable, track inventory, pay employees or link with a third party app, then you need QuickBooks or Xero. Wave is in my opinion the best free option there is for basic bookkeeping, but don’t expect to get a lot of functionality for free. For most micro businesses Wave will probably work just fine, but spend a little bit of money if you need anything beyond a basic checkbook tracker/financial reporting app. Regards, Adrian
  2. The main difference between Xero vs QuickBooks hosting Online is that Xero is still catching up to some of QuickBooks Online’s functionality, like mobile functionality, ease of use, and general feature availability. However, Xero is known for its simplicity, and their newly formed aggressive development schedule, offering new features and functionality at a fast pace. For Bank Feeds, With QuickBooks Cloud you simply add a new account right from the online banking dialogue in the Account drop-down and with Xero you have to go back out to the chart of accounts, add the account, then come back and add the transaction from online banking. Personally I would recommend sticking with the Hosted QuickBooks Desktop version. Regards, Adrian Gates
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