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  1. Hi and welcome! I'm in Barrie as well - this is becomming VA Central! Woo Hoo! Lauren
  2. So glad Arnie is doing fine. I guess hanging out with a harem of is FoVA girls gone wild can really tax a man - even one like Arnie! Hugs, and I hope you two enjoy the rest of your time together. Tell us how the Wings & Wheels event goes. Lauren
  3. I have some very cool Social Networking pitch opportunities coming my way. I do it for myself, but I have yet to offer it as a service. I am willing to discuss subcontracting some of it - and learning some myself etc. If you ROCK at this - I want to hear from you! email me at lauren@pibworthps.com with your portfolio Thanks Lauren
  4. thank you Pat - I actually just finished it the harder way... But I WILL take your information for the next time I try to make this happen. Thank you for your help! Lauren
  5. First - that is a sad situation AND it stinks! But I agree - go after that VA. I used to be an Executive Assistant at a large global collection agancy and you very definately have a leg to stand on if you completed the work... I hire subcontractors too on occasion, and it would never occur to me to not pay them for several reasons: 1. If word got out, I'd never be able to find help again 2. It is plain wrong! need I go on... I have paid subcontractors even when a client did not pay me - it is simply the cost of doing business with others. With the rewards of working with subcontractors, come the risks as well.
  6. I'm not actually entering a transpose formula - I am choosing transpose from the paste special selection pane. And I am not sure what you mean by an array...
  7. I cannot be this dumb (well, today maybe I can!) I have a long list of data located in a single column, but on separate rows. I need to format this into a spreadsheet format. I have written the macro to copy, paste & transpose just fine - but I cannot get it to go to the next data set and work for all the data in the sheet. Any suggestions? Lauren
  8. Do you personally recommend one over another I guess is my question....
  9. I am researching "the perfect" fax software program for my client. He wants to be able to send and receive faxes through his email account. He's not really computer literate and I want something super easy for him to learn - that will serve him for years to come. I am very new to the VA business and I have no experience with any fax software... Thank you for your help! Lauren
  10. This a call to anyone in the central Ontario region who might want to get together and chat / network and share best practices. Is anyone interested? Lauren
  11. That would be super helpful if you would not mind sharing your brainchild...
  12. I know my decision to offer a project rate is based on my fear of negotiating and my current "holy crap - that much per hour?" view of my own services. I think part of me is still in the "I made $25 per hour at my corporate job - that is what I should charge here" attitude. Not a healthy one for a VA - I know! I am sure I will get better at it as time passes, though. It is funny - in my "younger days" I actually TAUGHT retail selling in a corporate environment - but this is so very different! Thank you for your input! Lauren
  13. I am meeting with my first potential client this afternoon. I'm terrified! I worked out what my hourly rate should be, based on the amount of money I want to make in a year. I really do not feel comfortable giving them an hourly rate as it ends up being huge (in my newbie view). I was thinking of just quoting on a project completion basis and trying to estimate how many hours it will take. If I go over my projected number of hours, it will be a lesson learnes, if I go under - it is gravy. What do you think?
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