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  1. Thank You Tawnya! That is exactly why I searched for this group again. I always had a warm welcome with a good feeling to participate when questions were asked to respond with confidants and feel like I was part of a Great Group of Friendly Professionals!!
  2. Thank you to everyone .... I have come along way since last week finding the resources I need and appreciating the input from each and everyone of you!! This forum is a wonderful form of communication and feedback. I hope in no time at all I will look forward to creating my VA niche and also helping out on small projects as they come up.
  3. I am very excited to be a part of VA Insiders! I am just getting started setting up! I am energetic and adventurous. I worked as a VA back in 2004-2005 and networked with this group back then. I am so happy to have found you again. At that time, I was a VAs VA and I am interested in doing that once again. My husband works as a nurse 2 – 3 times a week and I believe this would be the best niche for me. How would I go about finding a VA Team to join? I have over 20+ of administrative experience in the several industries to include human resources and Home Healthcare/medical. I am looking forward to working as a Virtual Assistant’s Virtual Assistant that will open up other opportunities. I look forward to learning a great deal from this VA Networking Group as I did in the past and hopefully inputting my “two cents” whenever I can. Forums like these are invaluable to our success. If there's anyone on here from south Florida, I'd love to connect with you! Thank You for Your Time and Help, Patty Walker
  4. Hello, I worked as a VA subcontractor over 6 years ago and than life changed. I did some traveling and no longer have any of my previous documents as a VA. Prior to becoming a VA I have had over 10-15 years Admin/Office Support experience. I am now back and getting set up again. I don't know what has changed with this networking group, so I am asking for assistant. How do get started and go about submitting for subcontracting work? Thank you for your time!
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