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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to chime in real quick here. First of all, I'm a South Jersey resident all the way down here in Vineland (live a few minutes away from Jerri). I would love go join up for a get together or lunch of some sort. I can go up as far as Trenton without a problem. Like Jerri I also have a toddler, and a very busy VA business, so weekdays are really hard for me to meet up. I can do weekends much better. I know you were talking about doing a weekday coming up here, so if I can't make this one I can do a future time on a weekend. @Jerri, you and I can carpool since we live so
  2. Hey ladies! I think Cherry Hill is a great central point for many of us VAs spread over NJ and the Philly area. I would be down for a meetup or a lunch there. I'm in that area quite often.
  3. Here's my late arrival to this thread (man, I need to catch up with VANA more often), but I'll be at the summit in Pheonix!! I am so excited that I'll be able to make it this time... And looking forward to a little break. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my far away VA friends again, and meeting a lot more of them for the first time. This will be my 2nd Summit. My first one was in Charlotte, and I had an amazing time. I learned so much great information from that one and came back with this motivational fire with so many new ideas. I still connect and talk to many of the VAs I
  4. Was there a get together in the Hamilton Mall area recently? If not, I would be up for doing one. I'm a member of the DVVAAs and we have great networking luncheones every now and then, but I am always up for meeting other VAs for other occasions. And I know a couple new and prospective VAs in the area that would like to meet up. I'm way down here in Vineland, but I'm can be in the Hamilton Mall area easily since my hubby works in Egg Harbor Twp, and I sometimes visit him for lunch. So if someone's interested, we can set up a date. Catch me here, or zip me a message.
  5. I just found out about this today and thought it might be interesting to other VAs because after all, we are small business owners. Microsoft is hosting a free 2008 Small Business Summit coming up March 24-27. Some of the program topics look interesting to me, like the productivity and financial (I can always use more advice). And hey it's free, so it might be worth checking out. You can find more info here: https://www.sbsummit.com/
  6. Hey, I'm "way down" in Cumberland County myself, but I could easily come up to Marlton for a get together. My in-laws live near there so I'm up that way quite a bit on weekends. Or if you Ocean County gals want to come down to Atlantic County and meet up somewhere in the Egg Harbor Township or the AC area I am good with that too!
  7. I'm going to the Summit too! This will be my first one as well and I am so very excited. In other organizations I belong to, everyone has been telling me I that I can't afford NOT to go. So I did it. I registered last week, and booked my room and now I just need to decide how I'm getting there (and if I'm taking my vacation right after). I cannot wait to meet and network with many of you that I've followed and admired here at VANA and around the VA world!
  8. Hi Sue! Glad to see you here. Anyone want to try and do a get together in the South Jersey area in some central location?
  9. This is fantastic! I was thinking a few weeks ago about how our unique industry should be a story on Oprah as it is a great subject for her target market. But I had no idea what it takes to really get the attention of the Oprah show. Way to aim high! You're totally going to do this. I'm carefully crafting my questionnaire response to help you out right now.
  10. Congratulations Dy! It was the first one I read. Way to go!
  11. Congratulations Angela! I know you are going to be a fabulous VA! Best Wishes!
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