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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to chime in real quick here. First of all, I'm a South Jersey resident all the way down here in Vineland (live a few minutes away from Jerri). I would love go join up for a get together or lunch of some sort. I can go up as far as Trenton without a problem. Like Jerri I also have a toddler, and a very busy VA business, so weekdays are really hard for me to meet up. I can do weekends much better. I know you were talking about doing a weekday coming up here, so if I can't make this one I can do a future time on a weekend. @Jerri, you and I can carpool since we live so close to one another. The other reason I wanted to chime in is that I happen to be a member of DVVAA and one of the board of directors. I just wanted to say that we'd love to have you join DVVAA. Most of out membership hails from the Delaware Valley surrounding Philadelphia, but we have members from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. And as far as or luncheons go, we like to move around our quarterly luncheon locations to places north, south, east, and west of Philadelphia and sometimes Center City. Our most recent one happened to be up in Priceton NJ, and our next one in December will be held in Philadelphia. We also invite members if they wish to host luncheons near their location outside of the quarterly ones. We love any excuse to get together with one another and talk shop (or not) over lunch. Outside of the networking luncheons, DVVAA has additional benefits including monthly webinars, a listserv, and RFPs. We will be electing a new board shortly, so that may be bringing new ideas for member events and building resources. It is an awesome opportunity to regularly network with and support VAs that are right in your area and DVVA is a great organization for that. DVVAA is a fabulous group of people and I have been honored to belong and serve on it's board. And if you go to a VA event like the IVVAA Summit, you will see that everyone wants to be us. *LOL* (or at least they all want our cool DVVAA bling t-shirts) Feel free to contact me if you want any additional info about DVVAA. I really hope you all consider joining!
  2. Hey ladies! I think Cherry Hill is a great central point for many of us VAs spread over NJ and the Philly area. I would be down for a meetup or a lunch there. I'm in that area quite often.
  3. Here's my late arrival to this thread (man, I need to catch up with VANA more often), but I'll be at the summit in Pheonix!! I am so excited that I'll be able to make it this time... And looking forward to a little break. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my far away VA friends again, and meeting a lot more of them for the first time. This will be my 2nd Summit. My first one was in Charlotte, and I had an amazing time. I learned so much great information from that one and came back with this motivational fire with so many new ideas. I still connect and talk to many of the VAs I met there. I was really sad that I had to miss Montreal last year, but it was too close to my baby's arrival. But I made sure I could come this time. And Sherra hit it on the head about how you never know who you will meet that will need the skills you have. A few VAs there, including me, will be on the lookout for potential team members. So do your best to stand out and make a good impression, but don't be pushy.
  4. Was there a get together in the Hamilton Mall area recently? If not, I would be up for doing one. I'm a member of the DVVAAs and we have great networking luncheones every now and then, but I am always up for meeting other VAs for other occasions. And I know a couple new and prospective VAs in the area that would like to meet up. I'm way down here in Vineland, but I'm can be in the Hamilton Mall area easily since my hubby works in Egg Harbor Twp, and I sometimes visit him for lunch. So if someone's interested, we can set up a date. Catch me here, or zip me a message.
  5. Sounds like you may need an external IDX search of some sort. Unfortunately there isn't a simple widget that I know of that can do something like this. Agents usually need to pay for an external source in order to have the type of MLS searches that you are talking about. There are several companies out there that provide this but it all depends if they have an agreement and feed with your client's MLS board. That will help determine which one is best to use. And are you doing the site in Wordpress by chance? If so, certain IDX solutions will work better than others. But here are a few of the big ones that may work for you and have map searches: Diverse Solutions IDX Broker Wolfnet Technologies - MLS Finder IDX Central Hope that helps!
  6. Could she be talking about the Realtor.com FB app that they have available? You can find it here at www.facebook.com/realestatemarketer. It's a little app that they can add to their page/profile that is unobtrusive and automatically pulls their listings over from Realtor.com. Hope that helps!
  7. Congrats Pam! I'm definitely going to check it out.
  8. Ok, I am ready to move my wordpress site I've been working on installed on my domain in one folder, but I have gotten so lost. How am I supposed to move this to my root folder so when people go to www.barbervasolutions.com, they see my new wordpress site? Right now I have it in a separate directory on my domain. So am I going to have to do a new wordpress installation on my root and then just import the files I have saved from the directory I have it in? Is is more simple or complicated than that? This is totally out of my realm, I feel so lost.
  9. Hi Kathy! Welcome to the group! You are going love it here. Since I started 4 years ago I have gained so much info from VANA, it is one of my most favorite networking sites of all! I love your business name by the way. Best of luck to you in your new business!
  10. Wow!! You look fabulous Tawnya! I love the color and the cut. I did something similar several months ago. I always kept my hair super long and just the same, and so I decided to chop most of it off and I love it much more that way. We all need a change once in awhile.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all! I really appreciate all of your tips and suggestions. So I think I'm gonna take the plunge. I've already installed wordpress to different folder in my site so I can customize and play with it there. I might be back with more questions later. If it gets way beyond me, I may need to hire one of you expert VAs for myself to help me.
  12. Alright Wordpress experts, help me out a little. I have been meaning to redo my site for quite some time and I think I have decided to use Wordpress to do my new site with. I found an awesome theme that I'm considering using and looking forward to customizing, but I have a couple stupid questions before I decide to pull the trigger. I currently have my Wordpress blog hosted on my main site's domain, which I set up a couple years ago using the "one-click installs" through my host (DreamHost). I guess my biggest question is how do I get this started? Where do I "park" it and work on and customize the theme before I decide to make it live as my new site? I know enough about web design to work on my own site the old fashioned way, but some of this is a little out of my realm. Any help and advice is much appreciated.
  13. I have a client that would like to do a print newsletter and mail out to a database of about 300-400. Now I usually manage email newsletters easily, or I do postcard mailings pretty regularly because I outsource the printing and mailing to someone like Expresscopy.com. But for some reason, for print newsletters I'm drawing a blank on how to process it. I want to save them time and money, and will be outsourcing the printing anyway, so are there print vendors out there that handle print newsletter mailings? I use Expresscopy all the time for postcards, but I don't think they do the mailing part for newsletters. I would need them to be folded, tabbed, and then addressed and mailed so if I can find someone to do that for us that would be great. I could do all the folding and tabbing myself, but don't want to spend too much time doing that, affixing postage and labels, etc, if there is a quicker option of outsourcing to the printer. But if I cannot find that, then I will be processing myself and possibly having to figure out this bulk mailing thing (any bulk mail experts out there?). So what is a good solution for this? Any printers that you can recommend that do this sort of thing?
  14. Thanks for pointing this artilce out. I'm going to add it to my VA resources blog, as that is the 2nd most asked question I get, "How can we tell the scams from the real thing". It's so easy for those that are desparate for work and see the big $$ to be taken for a ride by these scammers. It's terrible.
  15. Hey Pam, Are you sure Craig's List has already banned the html ads? I don't think that has taken effect yet as I'm not having problems with my html ads in CL for my clients that we post in there. Perhaps it is something regional? Some flag happy users? I've had problems with certain geographical areas in CL and I have given up on posting ads for those clients as flagging was running rampant and really for no reason, for both html ads and plain ads (I've talked about it on my Active Rain blog a bit). It was mostly a "we hate Realtors" campaign and so they were flagging anything that looked like it came from an agent, and some of my clients even got harrassed. It was a nightmare. The lovely thing about CL is that it is self moderated by it's users and if one person decides to flag an ad because they don't like you or because they feel like it, then they will. And "powers that be" at CL don't really look that closely at what is getting flagged and seem to just remove it. It is irritating. Again html ads seem to be posting just fine for most of my CL using clients right now. So I'm not sure when this html ban is happening for sure. But I'll be getting them ready.
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