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  1. Thanks, Ruth. This is what we had decided to go ahead and do - and we need to change the ISBN on her Kindle version because it looks like we put the same one on it as the hard copy, which is strange because I swear we used different numbers.
  2. My client will be selling her case studies on her store and Amazon. We are wondering if they need an ISBN number assigned to them. They are PDF and perhaps 10 pages in length. Everything that I am reading says either *yes* or it is your own choice. Thanks!
  3. If you work with financial planners or advisors, what would be your suggestions to them on how to work with a VA? Rather in the line of "What Your VA Won't Tell You" or lessons learned. I am to be on a panel at a planner conference and this will be the topic. Thank you!
  4. I have fallen into this niche and quite love it. I am just waiting to get approval to use the Registered Paraplanner Designation from the College of Financial Planning. This will give a bit more ompf to what I already do for my clients.
  5. I am working on developing packages and have approached one of my clients about switching. She is very open to this idea. Since we have been together for 9 years and we are so integrated, we are taking the last 3 years hours for each month, averaging them and using that as a starting place for transitioning to the value-based package. I also work with financial planners and trying to put together packages for that type of work. Maybe not for my current clients but for new clients. Since I have passed the Registered Paraplanner test, it will be a draw for new financial planners. It does take a while to wrap your head around this, and I am getting there. However, if someone would be willing to give me an idea (no specifics if you don't want to) of what you are bundling and how you arrive at the package price or just an example would be great. I have several draft packages and would like to know if my thinking is along the right lines. Reminds me of the Vonage commercial -- "We all bundle. We all bundle."
  6. My client is looking for someone in the Florida area to come into his office and work on his workbook system to manage his files. They will need VBA experience. He specifically asked for a retiree, but I am thinking maybe a student. The information is below and if you have any recommendations for me, that would be awesome! "locate for me one or two Excel gurus (versed in the under the hood VBA coding), perhaps with experience with the MS database solution. This would be a part time gig – flexible – and likely would be best for the myriad retirees here in the Space Coast. Best towns would be: Merritt Island Cocoa Beach Cocoa Rockledge Viera Melbourne I developed an extensive workbook system to manage my files. It was heavy on formulas and VBA code. Unfortunately, due to a heavy increase in volume in late 2010, I abandoned the system in favor of expediency. This has had numerous drawbacks, not the least of which was the shift away from an entirely paperless operation. I’d like to bring the system back, at the same time upgrading it from Excel 2003 to 2010 or 2012, as well as continue to implement many of the ideas I had, but never got a chance to implement. So the essential description would be development of the system at my direction, including resolving whatever formulaic or code issues that might be involved, troubleshooting, and ongoing development. I think I mentioned this in the original post: this would be part time, probably just a few hours a week. That’s why I think a retiree might be a real good fit." Thanks!!
  7. Great suggestions! I did send him a list of options that did include Google+ - just not sure it is the best platform. I need to check that out more thoroughly.
  8. I am not sure this is the right place to post this query, so forgive me if I am in the wrong place. I have a client who wants to develop a way to stay in touch with his networks and my brain is coming up with just the normal stuff - e-zine, LinkedIn group, Tweets, Facebook, etc. He is a customs broker - and this is his question: I'm interested in some ideas as to how we might maintain periodic contact with clients, vendors, and others in my networks. I'd like to do so in a way that delivers value to people, without intrusion. For example, developing an extensive "group" on LinkedIn could cover some. Having a private social net for peers, so on and so forth. I'm sure one size will not fit all, but if a platform exists which can feed multiple sizes, easily, wow! I imagine being able to drop a "tweet" to a selected group on an occasional basis, have someone call a certain group from time to time, etc etc etc. Suggestions? Thank you!!
  9. Jenny, I have set up nsCommerce for a client. Very easy to use, cost-efficient, and the support is great.
  10. Danielle, I use Maxemail, which is about $25.00 / year. I get faxes straight into my inbox and works really great. Kyle
  11. Valerie, I would recommend: 1) Send her a nice, professional document on which she can keep by her side and starting listing things she finds herself doing and doesn't want to do 2) When you talk with her, ask her what a typical day is like That should give you a good start....
  12. I used Lulu for a client's MP3 recording/downloadable product. I was almost always happy with their support and guidance. I suggest you get into it and play!
  13. Val, Great scoop on DimDim. Think I better go back and check it out. Would like to record and Vyew does not do that. Thank you!
  14. Val, Thanks for the update. I checked out DimDim, but have gone with Vyew.com. It has a free level, call-in number and web camera options. So, it has worked for me and the IAAP presentations that I do.
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