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  1. Wow! So glad you love horses!! I have owned horses for 19 yrs and counting. Part of my efforts as a VA would go to support the purchase of a farm as my original farm at to be sold when I divorced.
  2. Good suggestion. I wanted to offer free designs to establish VA in exchange for testimonials and be able to build an interesting portfolio. On my 2 years reading... I saw many doing that. I would be glad to contribuate in this group too.
  3. Hi, I am deciding what to offer and I could not find in the forum people who offer graphic design with canva? I would like to start offering this but how to go about with the rate and how many creation ? I have no idea how many I could do in an hour? Thanks for help
  4. Hi all! Just wanted to introduced myself and say 'thanks' to the founder for this great forum and work structure! So here it goes: My name is Monica Bretschneider Located in Joliette, Quebec, Canada Presently single (was married 15 years) No kids (just animals) … in my 50's Hobbies Horse (own an arabian) quad roller skating, meditation, movies, art, travel documentaries, walking my dog Found VAnetworking via virtual assistant group search I have been following the virtual assistant and affiliate markets for more than 2 years. Not in an active business but I do have a registered business
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