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  1. Hi all, Im Crystal. I just launched CrYstAbli.com in response to my first client & friend, bugging me to get off my butt and make this side gig a real thing so he could pay me more (what!?) and recommend me to his network. Thanks a million friend! (Yes, he gets a discounted rate for this!) I have been in the business of executive services and accounting for more than 20 years. I hate to be bored so Ive worn as many hats as I could and always kept learning new stuff to add to my skills arsenal. Im focusing my biz on bookkeeping via QuickBooks and am currently working on my QB Pro certification. I also love proofreading and editing, even legal docs and I have some design in my background too so I love creating slide shows, flyers, newsletters, resumes, etc. My site lists all the things I plan to start with for now. Im on the Central California Coast, single mom of 4, granny of 2. I love being involved with my kids, church & friends. Oh, and I read a lot. Thanks for listening, Im really looking forward to building this into my FT gig with the help of VANetworking.com!
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