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  1. My name is Shannah Holt and my website is www.ShannahHolt.com I've been a business owner for 4 years now mostly in the wellness niche, but have also done blogging, affiliate marketing, and run a few Facebook communities. My tagline is Mastering Mom Chaos. It is still a passion of mine, but I'm quite burnt out in the hustle of getting weight loss clients and keeping them on their journey. I've learned a lot in the past 4 years and get asked all the time how to do this and do that. Another VA friend suggested I go into VA or social media management because she thought I would be great at it and get paid what I'm worth a lot quicker than what I've been doing on my own in the wellness niche. I'm super excited but a tad overwhelmed looking at everything. I found this site I believe through a PLR bundle I purchased. I'm a mom of 8 kiddos, last one is in his last year of high school (I have homeschooled since 2001 shortly after he was born). I was a teacher before I stopped working to stay home. I've done various odd jobs online for years mostly customer service stuff. I've worked for AOL, a newspaper, and a tele-fundraiser for companies like Make a Wish and Special Olympics. I live in Jonesboro, AR currently. Due to my husband's work we have moved about every 2 years and have lived all over the US. I was born in St. Louis, and lived in Texas for 10 years as a kid, but Arkansas is really what I call home since I graduated here and met my husband which was born and raised here. I've spent the last year helping to take care of my mom which has had some medical issues that has put her into a wheelchair. It has been a really rough year. As to my "VA niche" I love Facebook, Pinterest, Tailwind, and marketing strategy. I've built my own FB page to over 10K, have 2 communities, 1 paid group, and others I admin. I'm not an expert, but have done pretty well with own Facebook ads. I would say blog management, but the host I've had for the past 4 years has spoiled me. I have a wordpress site that has a custom theme that can do practically anything and everything without frustration. I thought all were like this until I found out otherwise. So I don't think I want any part of trying to figure other themes out. I draw stick figures in real life, but have gotten really good at creating graphics in Canva, and can also create ebooks as well. Guess that is about it.
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