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  1. Actually, they decided that my fees were too high...So, never mind...But thank you both for replying!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a potential client that needs 1500 mailings to go out. I would need to do the mail merge part and stamps. I don’t have the stamps machine and it think it would take more time to use the pealing ones. What do you normally do in these situations? I called post office and they said that I could not rent the machine. Are there companies out there that I could just rent it for that one time? Thanks,
  3. Thanks Tawnya, I will do that as soon as I get some time. Very, very busy now. Thanks, Anita
  4. I am trilingual. Aside from English, I speak Spanish and Serbo-Croatian. Of course, with knowing these two languages, I can understand a lot of other Latin languages as well as Russian and various other languages that are similar to Serbo-Croatian. My language skills haven’t helped directly with my VA business, although potential clients look at me differently when they do know that I am trilingual. Its kind of unique and a lot of times uniqueness is what they are looking for even if it’s a language that they have no use of. I hope this helps.
  5. Hello all, I redesigned my website and wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions, feedback or comments. My web address is http://www.officevirtualsolutions.com. Thanks in advance…
  6. Hello all, I redesigned my website and wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions, feedback or comments. My web address is http://www.officevirtualsolutions.com. Thanks in advance…
  7. I have a potential client that needs help with his reconciliations for the past two years. He uses Peachtree accounting and so do I for my own business. However, I am not sure if there is some other way besides GoToMyPC software, that I can transfer the data to his Peachtree software. Is there a way where he would be able to send me his company file and for me to add a new company in? Also, he has approximately 30 transactions per month for 24 months (2 yrs). How would you charge him if it was your client; by the hour or project? If by project, how much would that be? I am trying not to loose the client. Thanks in advance. Sincerely,
  8. And by the way, thanks in advance for all your feedback. Regards,
  9. Virtual Assistants: A Low-Cost Alternative to the Traditional Hiring By Anita Dzebic You are a small business owner or a recent start-up with limited capital. Your business is growing and you need help, but you don’t have the resources. You need to direct your efforts toward drawing a steady client base without having to worry about supporting a full staff. What do you do? It’s time to enter the exciting new field of Virtual Office Assistants. Virtual Office Assistants are independent contractors who provide administrative, technical, and creative services for clients using telecommuting technologies such as email, teleconferencing, and instant messaging. They afford start-ups and small businesses the luxury of having the expertise of an administrative assistant without the hassle. Virtual Office Assistants are a growing trend among businesses needing to concentrate their efforts in cultivating clientele and generating profits. The growth of the trade has resulted in the formation of a professional organization, the International Virtual Assistants Association, which strives to develop standards of conduct for Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants provide a cost-effective solution for businesses lacking adequate resources to hire and train the traditional administrative assistant. Companies can hire Virtual Assistants on a project-by-project basis with minimal cost, and have available to them a rich and talented pool of professionals worldwide with merely a click of the mouse. No longer necessary is the concern about salaries, benefits, employee training programs, workers’ comp insurance and payroll taxes. Drug and background checks, human resources, and regulatory upkeep are also eliminated. The overhead associated with leasing office space is eliminated as well, making this a truly attractive option in maintaining a business. Several companies now provide Virtual Assisting services. One such company, Office Virtual Solutions (www.officevirtualsolutions.com), is based in Oakland, California. These companies provide transcription, word-processing, administrative services, bookkeeping and accounting services, marketing, research, executive time management, and an array of other services such as database management. Also offered are presentation services. They can offer technology to the entrepreneur at a fraction of the cost to it takes to buy these items. Companies such as Office Virtual Solutions aren’t intended to replace your current staff. Instead, they offer ways to supplement existing personnel. Typical costs for a Virtual Assistant range from $20 to $50 per hour, with increasing rates for more technically-related projects. Entrepreneurs can easily promote growth without breaking the bank. The other nice thing about Virtual Offices is the ability to use them when you please; Virtual Offices can provide 24-hour assistance 7 days a week with any project. The Virtual Assistant and the Virtual Office may be the next biggest thing in the era of outsourcing. Though a recent development, the Virtual Office has proven to be an effective tool for cost-cutting and keeping staffing resources flexible in a competitive and constantly changing marketplace. Finally, Virtual Assistants can provide a much needed hand when profitability is a must at rock bottom cost.
  10. Has anyone actually ever used that service? Does it actually work? I don’t mind paying as long as its worth the money. Thanks ,
  11. Thanks Danelle, I did some research and was putting websites into my favorites as I was submitting my articles. One article already got published. Well, the main reason I am doing all this article writing is the SEO. Thank you so much for your info. Warm regards,
  12. Hi everyone, I was just wondering for those who do write articles, what are the best ways of submitting them to editors, publishers, ect? Samples of query letters would be great… Thanks in advance.
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