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  1. Rebecka, When looking at the site and video the trainer is talking to those that are charging $20/hour as a flat hourly rate and how they are hurting themselves with that. If they were to charge $.50/transaction then they could make closer to $60/hour. In my opinion I charge a higher hourly rate then to mess with the number of transactions. If you have priced your services to low I would suggest that you look at the number of transactions you post for each client in a month and determine what your per transaction costs are if it is less then $.50 each then you may want to rethink your flat rate pricing. HTH
  2. Jennifer Gniadecki of Atypical, VA has agreed to do our Chat topic on "It's a Surprise". Jennifer Gniadecki is the owner of Atypical, VA, a referral-based virtual assistance company specializing in Project and Operations Management for the Internet Marketer. She is also a freelance consultant and author of “What the Internet Marketer NEEDS TO KNOW Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant”. With over 14 years of executive administrative and project management experience from multiple industries, there is no project or client Jennifer can't work with. She uses her intuition, intelligence and skills to assess priorities and timelines as well as working within the parameters of her client’s needs to get things done on time and on target. She loves her life and is dedicated to helping others find success and fulfillment in their own small business journey. Where: New Conference Room Date: Friday, December 1st, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time
  3. Sally Kuhlman of Virtual Simplicity has agreed to do our Chat topic on Setting Boundries & Limits. Sally Kuhlman, founder of Virtual Simplicity , is an independent professional providing administrative support usually handled by in-house staff. She and her team of highly qualified virtual assistants offer professional services by utilizing todays technology to its fullest potential including web-based communication (emails, IM's, chat rooms, internet surveys, websites) and the more traditional methods (telephone, fax, and mail). For over 15 years Sally has been professionally engaged in business management and administrative work. Prior to founding Virtual Simplicity, she was the executive assistant to the vice president of West Coast Sales for a large corporation. Sally handled large event planning and coordination for sales leaders throughout the country, made travel arrangements for executives, created and designed regional newsletters, managed financial reports, etc. She is currently partnering with many of her clients assisting with marketing campaigns. In addition to her VA practice Sally coaches others on creating balance in life when working from home. Where: New Conference Room Date: Friday, November 17th, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time
  4. Jaime Lee Mann of Mann Made Time has agreed to do our Chat topic on The Follow-up. Jaime Lee Mann, owner of Mann Made Time, provides offsite administrative services to real estate agents, entrepreneurs and individuals who don’t have enough hours in their day to accomplish their goals. Mann Made Time opened in the spring of 2006. Jaime Lee works from her own fully equipped office in rural Kingston, Prince Edward Island. She is a born entrepreneur who at the age of 10 started her own jewelry making business fashioning jewelry out of sea shells and driftwood. Education is important to Jaime Lee. She received a diploma in Entrepreneurship from Holland College as well as a diploma in Medical Office Assistance from CompuCollege School of Business where she received the award for excellence for her field of study. She has several years of experience working in different areas including real estate agent support and non-profit office management. Jaime Lee belongs to several virtual assistant organizations including the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection, the Virtual Assistant Revolution, the Virtual Assistant Networking Forum, and the Real Estate Virtual Assistant Network. Customer service is one of Jaime Lee’s passions and she takes pride in each and every project she completes. She has a strong work ethic and operates her business morally and responsibly. In her free time Jaime Lee enjoys reading, scrap booking, watching movies and relaxing at the beach with her husband Jason and their daughter Casey. Where: New Conference Room Date: Friday, November 10th, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time New Conference room tips: 1. Download new versions as they come up 2. do not enter a password
  5. Candy Beauchamp of OffAssist has agreed to do our Chat topic on Interviewing a Potential Client the Two-Way Street. A true VA success story, Candy Beauchamp is the owner of OffAssist. Candy specializes in accounting for small- to medium-sized businesses. Her attention to detail and drive to excel have grown OffAssist from a one-person operation to a team of talented and successful virtual assistants. Candy brings these same abilities to her clients, helping them meet their critical accounting needs and preparing them for the future. Candy is active in the Virtual Assistant community. She currently serves as President-Elect of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA). Her drive and force of personality have been instrumental in bringing new benefits to the IVAA membership. Candy's goals for the future include the continued success of OffAssist and using her talents to help the VA industry mature and grow. Where: New Conference Room Date: Friday, October 27th, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time Tips for New Conference Room 1. Download new plugins 2. Do not enter a password
  6. Laurie Dart of Writing Wisely Laurie Dart, owner of Writing Wisely, provides writing and editing services to individuals and businesses. Laurie began her career as a word processing operator. Working on machines that didn’t have spell check, she learned the fine art of proofreading. Working with individual writers and business owners, she learned how to write for different audiences. For nearly 2½ years, Laurie was a featured columnist for the Koos News. Her weekly column entitled “Working Wisely” was a favorite among readers. Topics included personal as well business improvement ideas. She also partnered with another author and wrote a weekly advice column entitled, “Micki & Maude”. Laurie earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York; a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in human resources from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon; and is currently working on a doctorate in Public Administration with a concentration and dissertation focusing on work-life balance from Walden University, an online accredited institution. In addition to her weekly column, Laurie published two articles in the PA Times – What is Ethics and The Answers Are in the Nation’s Founding Documents. She is the author of “The Everyday Guide to Writing Wisely” an e-Book featuring tips on grammar and writing and has written a number of pieces including: press releases, marketing copy, web site copy, articles, resumes and letters. She has also edited and ghostwritten many projects including e-Books, White Papers, articles, nominations, evaluations, and course content. In her spare time, Laurie enjoys writing fiction, gardening, fishing, reading, researching, scrap booking and spending time with her husband Ted, daughters Tricia and Sarah, and granddaughter Sophia. and Heather Jacobson of Valley VA Heather Jacobson is the founder of Valley Virtual Assisants, catering to Solopreneurs who need assistance with their marketing efforts. Heather brings to the table her skills in marketing, sales, and business development as she partners with like-minded business owners who have set no limits on the success they can achieve. While the business is relatively new, the experience possessed by Heather and her team expands across many years and multiple industries. Valley Virtual Assistants is about automation, and automating as many processes as possible. This saves her time and saves the client money! The author of Making Dollars Out of Cents: 101 Tips for the Frugal Marketer, Heather is also the publisher of the popular ezine, Marketing Made Simple, a monthly publication filled with simple marketing tactics designed to enhance one’s marketing efforts. Additionally, she is a coach and co-group leader with Virtual Assistant Training. Most recently, she and partner, Becki Noles, founded the Virtual Assistant Revolution, a low- cost alternative to coaching. Heather is passionate about promoting the Virtual Assistant industry and participates in many Virtual Assistant networking organizations. She strives to help others who wish to make their businesses a success. In May 2006, Heather was nominated by her peers and became the first recipient of the Janet L. Jordan Award presented in association with the inaugural International Virtual Assistants Day, which was registered in the Chases Calendar of Events by the members of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC). The Janet L. Jordan award is “to honor a newcomer Virtual Assistant who has been in business for less than 2 years and has reached a milestone in their short career in the industry. This milestone needs to be an accomplishment that has helped to boost their new business to an overwhelming success.” have agreed to do our Chat topic on Writing & Marketing an E-Book. Where: General Chat Room Date: Friday, October 6th, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time
  7. Unless you are me and get up really early lock yourself out of your room for 2 hours because you don't want to wake your roommates. Try to find the business center but don't find it when it is under you nose. Think about swimming in pool but can't as it isn't open. Think about working out but can't because you are dressed for conference and no spare clothes and still lock out of room so you watch CNN while having a small snack then drink lots of coffee. Spend only 2 dollars you have on playing pinball. Drink lots more coffee read local new paper till it is time to wake up roommates so it is okay to go back to room. While roommates dress then you do some quick work with client emails on roommate's Laptop. Have a great time everyone
  8. One thing is that you have to make sure they are exactly the same exact version. QB 2005 Pro can not read QB 2006 Pro files. QB 2005 Simple Accounting can not Read QB 2005 Pro and same in reverse. They have to be 100% a match. When I up grade I tend to buy the 5 licenses as pass 4 of the licenses off to my clients in their invoices if they are ready for an upgrade. You can have more then 1 version of QB on your system they just need to be in seperate files. So if your client is using QB Simple then you may be better to just order that one for less then buying a new version of QB Pro for her.
  9. I have not canceled my room reservation yet so if anyone needs it let me know and I will transfer it over to their name. It is at the VA Conference rate. Also if anyone is needing a conference registration there are about 4 or 5 still available from all that have canceled. Post your needs over here and I am sure someone will help you out. Remember any changes in reservations need to be made soon. There is only 3 weeks left until the conference. Have a great time everyone. Sorry I can't make it.
  10. Good morning everyone. Today lisa will be giving her Open Source Topic at 11:00AM in the mean time for those that just want to network or chat there will be some of us over in the chat room until then.
  11. As much as I wanted to go there is just no way that I could sacrifice Mike and I that much. We have been living with my In-laws since last December and they need the room that we are in for family to come and visit during the holidays. They are asking us to be out of here by the end of October. I would rather visit with all of you then worry about coming up with first & security but it just didn't work out. I have my jar from this year and I will keep adding to it for next year.
  12. Okay everyone it is another Monday night and this time I am not feeling under the weather so I should be there at about 8:30PM ET. We will be meeting in the New chat room as it allows for voice chatting. Tonights chat will be: What have you done to Market your business lately? This is a great time to ask any questions that you may have too. We will do our best to answer them. If you have any questions about anything other then Marketing bring them and we will be glad to answer them for you. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  13. Okay everyone, There have been many changes since the beginning of talking about the IAVOA VA Conference in Dallas, October 12 - 14 until now. We are down to 33 days till most people will be arriving. If everyone that is going to the conference and need roommates please contact me at requests@mnmsupportspecialists.com and I will match you up. Here is what I have so far: Room #1 - Full Terry Green - arriving Wed. Diana Ennen - arriving Thurs. Room # 2 - Full Tawnya - arriving Wed. Karri Flatla - arriving Wed. Adjourning Room: Elayne Whitfield - arriving Wed. Room # 3 - Full Sharon Williams Room # 4 - Full Patty Dost – arriving Wed. Heather Jacobson - arriving Wed. Sally Kuhlman - arriving Wed. Laurie Dart - arriving Wed. Room #5 - Full Candy Beauchamp Tom Beauchamp Room #6 - Full John Herman Room #7 - Full Connie McVicker & Family Room #8 - Full Tena Kensil Sandy Z. Stay at Home - Lives in area Susan Lynch Johnnie Hamill Angela H. Not sure if they Need Roommates Vala McKenzie Donna Toothaker Denise Willms Know they need a Roommate: Jennifer G. Not Sure if they are attending: Adrienne B. Kimmer Zee Patricia D. Michelle Adkins Michelle Murphy Please let me know what I need to change. This is a great opportunity for everyone and I am sorry that I will be missing it but I know you will have fun.
  14. Okay everyone it is Friday Morning the end of the work week. For those that want to get an early start on the chat I will be in the chat room pretty much all morning. Don't forget John Herman will be giving our Chat topic for this mont beginning at 11:00AM ET on "Marketing and Branding is SO High School". I look forward to seeing everyone and we will be meetinn in our normal chat room for this.
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