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Telecom Support Technicians Jobs


Freelance Telecom Support Technicians keep track of all requests and to ensure that they meet customers’ telecommunication requirements. They maintain and upgrade existing equipment, connect installed telecommunication equipment to networks, and test equipment and systems to identify and resolve problems by working with application development, the internal telephony, system operations, and vendors.

Specialists maintain legacy telecommunication systems, as well as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) of their organization/clients.  They install and relocate telecom assets as per the process of their organization/clients.              

Technicians create and maintain documentation of all incidents. They also install various telecommunication related equipment, including switches, routers, and hubs. They understand the needs and requirements of the users to set up technology to assist their workplace productivity, as well as assisting the enterprise IT team in choosing and deploying new technology for the telecom infrastructure. As they have a say in an organization’s overall telecommunication needs, they must mediate between the telephone service providers and equipment vendors.

Technicians comprehend and explain drawings, schematics, and technical manuals required for installing, repairing and aligning telecom equipment to specifications. They aid in deploying and maintaining operating and management software. Technicians’ research, evaluate, and implement modifications to hardware or to apply software patches. They aid in analyzing new services and products.5d6f8fa0cde20c6e9e5578b1_telecom-support

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