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  1. Tawnya you are just AWESOME!!! I can't believe it, but you just really nailed it. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas. You have definitely solved a problem for me which I've had for many years. I sooooo! appreciate the help! Janice
  2. So as I understand, then as a Researcher I would not need to first study as a VA or as a travel agent? Would any of those courses help me in my 'Great Quest'? And I guess I would just contact each cabin company and ask them if they offer an affiliate program? And then get their affiliate link? Thanks so much for the Great advice!! I really do appreciate your help so much. I have been wanting to do this for years and years, but didn't know how to go about it. Any suggestions as to where I might possibly find some kind of template for making up the packages to offer? Thanks so much Tawnya!
  3. Hi! I have a great love for cabins. And spend hours, days, weeks, even looking at all the cabin vacation rental places online. I am wondering if there is a way I can do this and find vacation cabins for others who want to vacation in a cabin. I also have one particular area of the US I'd like to specialize in. My question is: Would this be categorized and done as a travel agent? Or could it be done as a VA, or a combination of both? How would I go about setting this up? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! And how would I get paid by the cabin companies if I'm not doing it as a travel agent, but as a VA? And would it even be possible to just find the places for people which have all the things they want in a cabin, and do nothing else? Like, would I be able to not have to set up the sale and take their credit card for the sale, & make the reservations, like a travel agent would do? If I'd have to do that too, I still might be interested, but: Would I do it as a travel agent, or is it possible to just be a VA in this? Does anyone know the answers to these questions please? Thanks so much!!!
  4. Hi Jerri! I am an author-as of yet unpublished. But will need someone to do illustrations for the inside of several children's books for me. One in particular, has a squirrel , a bird, and tree, for which I need illustrations for this book, first. I just wonder if you might give me a quote as to how much you'd charge for each illustration, or for the whole book, which is between aprox. 4-7, pages long? (Size: 8-1/2 X 11") I need about 5-8 realistic, or animated-type of illustrations, with color. I also have two or 3 others, children's , and one teen book, needing illustrations. all are short stories. I also need someone to ad color around the photographs, to page bleed, and fading, or other type of borders around the photographs in another 4 books I've written. Would you be able to do something like that? And what would you charge per photograph and page of color added around the photos, to page bleed? Would you even be interested in doing it for me? It would be sometime next year. Thanks for your consideration!
  5. How about: "Four Paws Exclusive Veterinary Management?" or, "Four Paws Management Exclusive"?
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