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  1. At this point, I'm not interested in starting my own podcast. But I'm still curious about podcasting! (That's the way I am - intensely curious about many things, even some things I don't want to seriously pursue.) Also, I think some basic podcasting know-how might be helpful if I have future clients who want help with their own podcasts.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm brand new to virtual assisting, and preparing to start a very part-time VA business in January of next year. (I have a "traditional" full-time job that I can't leave right now.) Unfortunately, I'm terrible at some of the tasks that I would have to perform if I had my own business. I discussed this with a friend, and she suggested finding an experienced but overwhelmed VA who's willing to delegate some of the tasks I'm good at. I like this idea, but I wonder: Is this even a thing? I'm sure most VAs don't hire their own assistants, but maybe some of them do? If so, how might I find a VA I can help?
  3. Wow - more than 60 episodes on such an emotionally difficult subject! That's quite an accomplishment! What got you interested in podcasting? How did you begin learning enough to start your own podcast? (General information is fine. Save the detailed guidance for your future courses - I might take one!)
  4. Same here, Unique! I've only taken half of the first baby step toward becoming a VA. For me, that means researching the profession and ordering a laptop that might work better for business than the laptop I already have for personal use. Oh, and signing up on VAnetworking, of course! What first steps have you taken?
  5. We're in the same boat, Iliana. I've known about VA's for awhile, but I'm still gathering enough courage to become one myself!
  6. Hi, everyone! My name is Amber, and I'm here because I'm exploring a career as a virtual assistant. I plan to get my business going in January of next year, and only part-time at first. I currently have a full-time "traditional" job that I can't afford to leave. If anyone has ever done VA work part-time while juggling other jobs ("virtual" or not), I would like to hear about your experiences!
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