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  1. Oh yeah and its still Http://www.islandva.net (Still working on it)
  2. OK I am sure most remember me but for those who don't just read the thread..... Well things went ok for me for awhile then I ended up in a nasty divorce and because of that I lost everything including my VA Biz. Its been 2 years no and I will be darn if I am not trying it again! I am back fellow VA's and stronger than ever. Not only am I offering my previous services but also a new one! A very important one....IT SUPPORT! For the last 2 years I have been a Sr. Systems Admin and want to apply this to my company. Along with my new sweetie...I know it jus happened we are ready to take on our clients PC issues and those of my fellow VA's(should you need it...knowing how smart you all are! LOL!). But best of all....................................Not only is it local but its done remotely! And its cheaper than Geek Squad! LOL! Everyone give a round of applause for IVA IT-The Other Squad! Thanks guys because if it was not for believing in myself, you guys and this industry I would have gave up!
  3. Hello Ladies, Thank you for all the replies. It is an honour to be here with you all. Just a little update. I am now in a new apartment. I have internet access and I have a new client! Please visit Http://www.modelofcolor.com to see my work. Please be warned the intro has music! But do enjoy! Shelly
  4. Hey everybody, I have decided to create a VA group for Desktop Publishers. If you would like to join please do so at this URL........ http://islandva.forumup.org Thank You, Shelly
  5. I agree with Becki. I used Publisher for mine. and now I want to use Frontpage to try next (thanks to Becki)! another reason to stay up tonite! LOL!
  6. Would all those who emailed me with thier links to thier sites please email them to me again but this time to islandvirtualassistants@gmail.com my PC crashed on me and I lost everything since November 24th, 2005. Thanks you all and my apoligies.
  7. Thank You all. I am back on the saddle because of all you inspirational VA's.
  8. Thank you both for replying and letting me know that you care. It is because of VA's like you that make me want to stay in the biz. If you guys need any help with anything at all please let me know. I would love to help. I am also lonely here! Thanks, Shelly
  9. I am adding a links page to my site Http://www.islandva.net and want to add some of the VA sites from here. Please email me a logo and site URL and name to sjones@islandva.net so that I can add them. Thanks Shelly
  10. Hey all , To all the new people welcome. and to all the others nice to see you again. I have had some very difficult times in the last 8 months. I have moved to another state, got pregnant, lost baby, became homeless and gave up on my VA biz. But I have picked my self up and dusted myself off and have decided that I want to be a VA and I will be a VA no matter what! So after fighting with both my PC's I am back on the way to success. I have been trying to get started but had no luck! Until Friday week before last. I went to my sons daycare and I over heard the owner saying that she had a small biz and wanted a website. So I butted in and asked what she wanted. She said she had a template but a company here wanted $1000 to do the site. So I told her I would do it for a smaller amount. Since she is the paster's wife at my church I really did not put much thought into what to charge. So I did the site Http://www.visionsandmore.net and went on my merry way. This Friday she called me and said she wanted to have me meet someone. So I went in and a lady that owned a sign store was there and said that she had been told that I am good at Small Biz Consulting. Little did I know that due my pointing out improvements that could be made in the daycare and thier office I had now gained a new title. So I told her I would come next week and see her. Anyway as I was leaving I was handed a check for a large amount of money. When I inquired as to why so much for a website I was told that due to my willingness to help and not badger over money I showed that I was a genuine person and that I should be rewarded! YEAH I ROCK! LOL! Anyway I came home so excited that I spent 6 hours in a chair and decided to give my own site a make over. Http://www.islandva.net now has a new look. I did not use a template of which I am so proud, but I still have some work to do. I am working on a links page and would like all of you to send me a logo, URL and site name so that I may add you to the links page. Please send to sjones@islandva.net. Thats all for now, Happy Holiday! Shelly
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