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  1. Hello AMichele1 Let’s get one thing clear before we proceed. Starting a VA business is NOT everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain professional requirements that you need to have to make you venture a success.When we enter the virtual realm, the very first requirement is a good computer and high-speed internet connection. Second, you don’t necessarily need to be certified in some software but yes, you do need to know how to use the accounting software you are actually going to use. So yes, we can say that you need to have a know-how of how things work. Quickbooks Online can be a significant addition to your startup business. It helps keep the startup costs low. A lot of businesses and startups are using it and have witnessed positive results.If you are consider outsourcing the accounting systems over to other bookkeepers, you’ll just be amediator and it might become a bit difficult to meet tight schedules. Still, do not resist going out and getting to know the diversity in process.
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