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  1. I paid a business bill from my personal checking account. I don't have my personal account set up in Quickbooks so how do I record the bill payment? I can't for the life of me figure it out and I know it's not that difficult. Maybe it's just too early and I need to wait until after I've had my coffee. I tried searching but I think I have too many terms in my query. Thanks, Dontina
  2. Thank you ladies. I really appreciate all the help. I gave myself a headache trying to figure that out.
  3. I'm sure this has probably been answered somewhere but after searching various terms and phrases for the last hour I can't find it! LOL Do you pay taxes (withhold taxes) from the payment on your invoice or the amount you actually pay yourself? Example: *these numbers are for example only* You work 20 hours/week for a client at $40/hr. You've decided you're going to pay yourself $30/hr and leave the rest for overhead, etc. So, do you withhold taxes from the $800 payment or from the $600 "paycheck" you give yourself? Feel free to give a link to another thread if this type of question has already been answered. Thanks, Tina
  4. Anita, Your site looks great! The only thing I have to add is that on your Services page you misspelled management. Tina
  5. Thank you. I'm going to talk to my insurance agent tomorrow and see if I can add an umbrella policy (or home-based business rider) to my homeowners insurance policy. Tina
  6. I'm working on a contract with a client and the client has added to the contract the requirement that I have the following coverage: Comprehensive General Liability - $1,000,000 per occurence (bodily injury and property damage) and Comprehensive Automobile Liability - Coverage for bodily injury and property damage Liability for all owned, hired or non-owned vehicles, with an accident limit of $1,000,000 per accident. Is all this really necessary? I do not see clients in my home and I use my vehicle for personal use only. Tina
  7. Diana, I completely understand where you're coming from. This would raise flags for me too except I know the person I'll be supporting. We were coworkers in the past. Knowing the type of work that's involved, the hours are definitely there. Thanks again for the concern. I would definitely be weary of this client if I had no prior personal experience with him. Tina
  8. Just checking in to give an update. I'm finally rounding the bend and I see light at the end of the tunnel. It took a while because "the boss" was always out of the office either on travel or vacation. Everyone has given the thumbs up so far so I'm hoping to hear positive news by the end of the week. Hopefully my next update will be they approved it and I start working with them next week. Again, thanks to everyone for all your help!! Tina
  9. Thank you Ruth! Another great idea! Everyone has been really helpful. I'll be sure to post how things turn out.
  10. Thank you all so much. He just floored me with the number of hours and I guess my mind shut down....LOL I never thought about the IRS and the # of hours. That will help alot as far as figuring out how many hours not to work in one week/month. I only have one egg in this basket because he did emphasize the fact that he had to sell it to his boss to get the funding. I'm remaining optimistic but there is the possibility that his boss will turn him down. Thanks again everyone. An easy solution once everybody else points it out! Tina
  11. I need some help figuring this one out. I have a potential new client who wants to contract 200-300 hours. I asked if he meant per month or just 200-300 hours total for the contract. The only thing he said was 1/2 to full-time for 200-300 hours. Which to me means about 15-20 hours per week. He has to request the funding from his boss and wants rate information so he can sell his boss on the contract. Would you just quote your hourly rate or figure a retainer rate? My retainer rates have only been discounted up to 40 hours per month so how much more of a discount would you give for a large quantity of hours per month or do you simply set a rate for anything over 40 hours? Maybe I'm just analyzing this too much....
  12. Angela, Congratulations on the eBook. I just read the excerpt and it is really good! Great job! Tina
  13. Wow, motherhood is awesome, isn't it? This is my first and she is such a blessing. Congratulations, Tina! Kim It's great! This is my 3rd (all girls). My 2nd was born March 3rd, she passed away March 25, 2006 and my 3rd was born a year later March 27th so she is truly a blessing. I love being a mom and can't wait to be able to go full-time with my VA business. Tina
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