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  1. PattyD: The link does not work. It takes me to a 403 error page that says I do not have permission to access that page. Can you provide another? Thanks. Linchi Linchi, The link worked for me, but go to http://www.revacoach.com/ Carolyn is wonderful and has a wealth of knowledge. Judy
  2. TBS, As you utilize forums you will want to set up your signature block on all your correspondence to read your name, website, contact info and maybe a tag line for your newsletter. This should appear on all your emails and postings. It's free advertising! Judy
  3. Hi Kathy, Are you familiar with grant writing? That could be very beneficial to school districts that don't have the funds available or expertise to submit successful grants. Also, I know there are companies that provide highly qualified consultants (retired administrators) to go into low performing school districts and assess their needs. I think my school district used JBL Consultants. You may want to start a fact finding search by talking to administrators at the schools or Central Office too. Good luck.
  4. I was just going to say that I really like your tagline. Maybe not as your name because I always think about answering the phone. "Good morning, Virtually Your Best Assistant"??? Good luck with your search.
  5. Thanks for the input. I actually downloaded a 60 day trial version from Microsoft and started using it. It's really not that bad. I had to go to the online help to try to figure out where some features were now located but I also found new functions too. I'll definitely invest in this upgrade.
  6. I need to upgrade my Microsoft Office from 2002. I'm familiar with 2003 because I have it at my current job but I'm wondering if I should take the plunge and get 2007? I know there's a big learning curve with 2007 but as I proceed with my business would it be beneficial to have 2007? Can I get some feedback from people that have already addressed this issue? What are the pros and cons? Thanks,
  7. I'm signed up for the Wednesday evening class, starting August 29th. I have communicated with Carolyn both on the phone and through email. She was very informative. I'm looking forward to working with her and learning not only the processes but also her many helpful tips about the industry itself.
  8. Looks great - That was my first choice. Good Luck. Judy
  9. Hi Theresa Your letters sounds good. Do you have letterhead? I think you should send your letter out on "letterhead", even if it's just using special fonts to create the look of a logo along with your contact info. Judy
  10. I have a meeting scheduled the same time as the seminar. I noticed in the archives that some of the prior seminars offer the ability to download. Will this seminar have that available?
  11. Deirdra, Remember that the skills you bring to real estate agents are the same that you have used in your other jobs so they are of value to the agent. I would recommend that you set specific training goals, such as MLS entry, real estate software training etc. so you are actually getting the training that you can offer to other agents. Judy
  12. Thanks to everyone that responded. I'll check out the suggestions. I do have my first appointment with a real estate broker next Thursday. Judy
  13. Hello, I recently purchased the VAC and am diligently getting my business up and running. I have over 28 years administrative experience and 15 of those years working at a foreclosure, loan service center and commercial development company. I plan to focus my marketing on local real estate professionals and use my prior experience as an REO Asset Manager to increase my value to them. Since I am better at getting the job done rather than talking about what I can do, I would like to have a mentor that can give me some help in verbally promoting myself. Is there someone out there that will offer to be a mentor to me? I just need a little push and then I'm off. You can email me at judyk@cableone.net Thank you, Judy
  14. What I have been doing is just billing them the same retainer hourly rate for over time, but I know that most others bill their hourly rate for overage.[/quote] I have to say that I can't see the point in doing this. In my opinion you want to encourage overages, not discourage them so that a 10 hour client eventually becomes a 15 hour client. If I am being charged a higher hourly rate because I went over, I'd be sure not to go over next month. I was wondering the same thing when I saw a previous post about charging their full rate. Can someone explain their thoughts about charging their full rate after the retainer hours have been used? Thanks, Judy
  15. Hi I'm Judy Kovacevich with Southern Assist, located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have been lurking now for about a month so I'm ready to jump in. I'm in the process of getting my business up and going and hope to have my website and introductory mailing out within the next two weeks. I plan to focus on real estate professionals with a desire to learn other areas of interest too. (Right now I'm a sponge and can't get enough info). I currently work at an elementary school doing the registrations and data management. I plan to return next month to get the school year started again but I hope by January I will have enough clients to allow me to be full time at home. Thanks for the opportunity to dive in, it wasn't so bad. I'll re-introduce myself when I have my website online.
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