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  1. I would certainly say that spyware is a growing threat too though, i use norton av AND spysweeper.
  2. Thanks for your kind words, and Michelle, let me know if you received the downloads alright. On a lighter note, I am designing a new website from scratch and would enjoy a little bit of feedback on the basic design that I have made so far. Please be painfully honest as I believe critisicm doesnt hurt a web designer, I can only learn from my mistakes, lol. Here is the site address. www.stargatepatch.com pcbuild2004 on Ebay William and Alison
  3. Hi peeps, New member here! I was just searching on google and I typed in my own ebay user name, pcbuild2004, and amazingly came across this forum. I am the seller of the website templates on ebay that some of you are talking about on here and I thought Id tell you a little about what the package is all about. Firstly, I have a download area where over 2.6 gb of website templates can be downloaded. These can be sold individually without breaching any copyrights. You start to breach copyrights if you sell them all together. You are free to use these websites as they are, because you just need to add the text. Flash graphics are part of the package. I sell these for only 6.99 GBP not including postage because the CDs are sent too as not everyone has broadband yet. I have a basic website at www.uksitehost.net selling these templates off ebay and for all of you that would want to sample them, I will waive the postage fees. FREE POSTAGE, Sound good? I see that someone thinks that my package is too good to be true. Well I have seen desperate Ebayers selling their website templates for sillyprices, i.e. 25p upwards, they offer no support, whereas I will give everyone that purchase my templates FULL HTML and website design support for no extra charge. Anyway, thanks for making us feel famous for a day, lol. pcbuild2004 William McClelland and Alison McKenzie.
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