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  1. Hi All, I wanted to know if any VAs in the US have customers in Canada? If so, how do you handle working and billing them? ~Thanks, Kandra
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions.I am working on it. ~Kandra
  3. kandra


    I have Vonage and I love it! I just found out about another VOIP service called Sun Rocket and they have it for $199.00 a year!!!! That is much less then my Vonage business package. FYI-If you get the Vonage package business line you can never go down to a smaller package
  4. Can I seperate clients in my task list? If so how is it done? I have looked and I don't see anywhere where I can set up a rule for mail that comes in with a certian heading to go into my Task folder, can this be done? Thanks!!!
  5. Laynie, A big hug for you and I am sure your dear JB has his arms around you too. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers tonight.
  6. Frustrated.. This happened to me yesterday in Power point, so I did it in excel. I put all of the data in excel then created a bar graph, customer said he wants it in a line graph and when I change it, the data on the points is right, but the axis numbers don't reflect the same information. I am not sure if this made sense or not if anyone is an expert I can send you the graph and show you what I mean. Thanks, Kandra
  7. Ok, I asked Lola if she was ready to go walking and I just dont think she is up for it, so I have to buy an MP3 Player. Yes she sleeps in my desk drawer!
  8. You guys are great! Yvonne I love it. I don't have a MP3 player either, but I will pick one up today. Anyone have any suggestions on a good one?( I see it on another post)
  9. Hi all, I am doing a graph in power point and the data is not the same on the graph as it is in the data sheet. I dont't know what is wrong. If you can help, contact me at Kandra@assistantforrealestate.com. Thank you.
  10. Hi Ann, Try Branders.com they are good.
  11. I too have an 800 canity line -888-REVA-USA with Accessline communications and I think it is great for less than $10.00 a month.
  12. I like the Gem Virtual Solutions as well.
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