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  1. Hello all, I'm in the very beginning stages of creating my business. I've come up with a mission statement and would be grateful for any input. 'Our mission is to provide dedicated support for business owners in various aspects of their operations with integrity and attention to detail through communication and collaboration.' TIA for your help Shawn
  2. I am currently in the planning stages, building my website, including checking out other VA's sites to see how they are set up. I have been contacting previous employers and co-workers to get some recommendations from people I've worked with that know my skills. Finding out what I should ask my accountant and an attorney. Thankfully my aunt is an accountant so that should save me a bit of money on that one :). I've been looking at services to offer and even have a couple potential contractors for other services that I can use. The business name my husband and I thought up years ago when we thought of other possible business ventures that we did for a few friends but never pursued. I used to make photographic videos for friends and family, my son's football team set to music. It was fun and may consider adding that as a service at some point. I'm toying with the tagline/slogan of "Follow in our Trax" I'm also going through all of the services that I want to offer and that I need to learn more about to successfully provide those services. I still need to determine if I want to go with a specific industry or go more general. I have the most experience with Law Enforcement, but I'm not sure how I could incorporate that into my business. I may have to do some more research on it. I love working in the law enforcement field, there has been too many traumatic calls and stress that I'm ready for a change. However, I have also worked in the insurance industry and with other small businesses as well. I have pretty well nailed down the services that I want to offer, but I am still working on setting up my pricing. And a slew of other things that I need to do before I can virtually open my doors for business. But I want to do this right from the beginning. Other ventures I've tried, I jumped into without thought but the difference is, while I wanted to do those, I was young and dumb and thought I could do them but didn't put any thought or proper research into them and found they weren't for me. This is something I want very badly and I plan to make it happen.
  3. Your Name: Shawn Traxler Years in Business: 0 (yikes) Description of your Business, including any specialties: Virtual Assistant, still working out the details On a more personal note: I have been researching and researching something to do as a home based business for several years. Most of the things I found were writers, transcription and things that just didn't seem quite right. Then I saw Virtual Assistant. Which is something I thought during all the researching would be perfect but I couldn't seem to find anything like that. I have the skills for that. When I saw it and started researching more, I knew that this was for me. Now I'm going through the process of figuring everything out and getting out from under the schedule, and mandatory meetings, and mandatory training, mandatory overtime that currently takes up all my time. I have grandkids to enjoy. What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Coulee Dam, Washington, USA Are you married? How long?: Married, 25 years in June Any kids and how old? 2 kids, 19 & 24, with 1 little girl & 1 more on the way. Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Camping, Fishing, Traveling, Spending time with my family How did you hear about us? i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. I found this site by google search and I was looking for a slogan that would go with my business name (see my title).
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