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  1. Unfortunately I can't really read the site, it's just hurting my eyes, but you have had some great feedback here already about the background colour. Checking out this Sitepoint article for a quick and easy introduction to colour might help you out a bit too; Essential Colour Checklists For Web Design
  2. I'm not sure about domain registration and hosting, I'm just looking into recommendations for a client myself. I've heard a few people mention GoDaddy but I'm sure there are plenty of other recommendations around! As far as your question about your website still being active, assuming it's the domain listed in your signature there is nothing there and nothing on the wayback machine either. Is it a different URL? Levi (the one who is working too late)
  3. Hi Debbie Welcome to the forum. There are a few of us Aussies hanging around here and this is a great place to be. I hope you find what you need here and if you ever have questions just ask - we don't bite!
  4. Good advice from everyone. Your printer should have an average ink usage, like Amanda said, so you can work it out that way (which is what I used to do) or work out what others are charging and deduct the paper cost like Ruth suggested. If it's not something you're going to do a lot then it's probably less important to get the pricing perfect but don't short change yourself!
  5. Hey Brent, I've been missing you all - timing for the seminars is a bit of a crapshoot these days! I have mostly been around on Facebook but I still come here and read every now and then. Looking forward to getting back to being more involved here again Yes, we have a little toddler now, it's very exciting! And it's about time we took over F1 again - GO Mark Webber
  6. Try this page: Facebook Static FBML FAQ / Tutorial
  7. I like #2. I think there's enough other stuff on the page (i.e. your logo having the clock in it) that the first one just seems to saturate the point and the second one seems to complement it a bit more. The second one has a more emotional connection with the audience.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss - stay strong and take good care of yourself.
  9. Hey everyone Wow, it's been such a long time since I dropped into the forum... Needless to say I've been super busy and only working here and there, which has been lovely but I'm slowly ramping back up for 2010. We're up to teething (no actual teeth yet!), sitting up unaided, lots of laughs, noises and FUN! I'm absolutely LOVING being a Daddy and so don't want to go back to work. We're going to split the care between us as much as we can so we can both work as much as possible and hopefully by mid-2010 I'll be back on board full time, all the time. Of course, an update wouldn't be complete without a new photo...
  10. In regards to revamping your site, there is a plugin you can use that will allow you to preview a theme without changing it for visitors who are not logged in. Theme Viewer Plugin In regards to theme development, I use Xampp offline and then upload to the client's server because I do all the work myself. If you're going to hire someone to sub to I would just be really careful who you hire as my opinion is developing offline is better. You can always send screenshots to the client for progress updates/approvals etc.
  11. Definitely the colour explosion! For the simple reason that it's much more industry/event relevant. If you use the other design later, Ruth's feedback is useful - it would look better if the blood on the fangs was a little less even.
  12. The only thing I would suggest is to find a WP theme that comes with enough options; I know there's one I have come across where you can change heaps of stuff like the header pic etc from within the WP admin area.
  13. What an apt description: "... a middle-aged man-child weirdly out of touch with grown-up life ..." Something was clearly not balanced in the mental area of that man's life.
  14. Can I just say we usually get what we deserve? You can take that in a good way or a bad way - for whichever side you choose!
  15. Nice one Kathy, thanks for sharing this! By the way, I would much rather read something with some personality than something that is 'word perfect'
  16. I am super-excited to finally announce the safe arrival of our stunning little princess (you know I'm supposed to think that, right?). Sybilla Annabel joined us on the outside on the 26th May, weighing in at 7lbs 12 and a half oz and measuring 21.6in in length after a 5 hour labour - yes, first baby and five hours. We have been spending lots of time sleeping in short bursts and changing wet clothes but are now thankfully at a point where we get up to 4 or 5 hours in one go and the nappies (diapers for you North Americans) actually fit! Thanks to those of you who have already sent your lovely wishes to all of us and I apologise if I haven't gotten back to you personally yet. For those of you who are on my Facebook and haven't seen it, there is an album of photos on there. Proud Daddy Levi
  17. Congrats to your daughter Patty, I'm reading these types of posts in a whole new light now! What a great field she's chosen to study in too, that's awesome.
  18. Good to hear you are recovering from your FoVA withdrawals Arnie, maybe now I'm glad I couldn't make it! I hope you are totally pain free soon!
  19. I use SparkPeople, I've used it for a few years now. It's free and you can track all your nutrition and exercise, it's great (when I actually do the right thing, that is!).
  20. I'm thinking about trying out Windows 7 with VMware, I'll let you know what I think when I get around to it!
  21. I can't tell you how often I'm clicking 'block senders domain' at the moment! Along with all the usual rubbish, I have received a number of emails similar to this in the last week or two - must be something going on in Spammerville!
  22. Definitely put your web address too, many people aren't actually that net-savvy (which is why they're hiring you!).
  23. I think Crystal summed it up perfectly!
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