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  1. Just a reminder that we're not allowed to talk about specific pricing for rates on the forum Tiasha, there's another discussion around on the forum about whether or not to display rates on your site - some think yes, some think no. If you search for it you'll find some opinions on displaying your rates. One thing I noticed with your site is that your 'Customer Project Form' is in docx format, which is specific to MS Office 2007. You might want to save this and upload it in doc or rtf format so that people without Office 2007 can still access it without having to convert it or download Microsoft's compatibility pack. You can change your default setting in Office 2007 to save in doc format to avoid this issue in future if you want.
  2. Section breaks would have been my guess too. If it's a lengthy document this could be quite a pain; although I'm guessing it's going to be a pain to edit each footer individually anyway if it's a lenghty document!
  3. I am on Vista so I have Windows Mail but it's basically the same thing. You can set it up to handle as many accounts as you want as far as I'm aware; I think any limits would be more to do with your server storage space/size than anything else. I have my email set up with Rules so that different addresses/people go to specified folders that I've created. See if this is the information you are looking for at How-To Outlook, or do a Google search for what you're looking for and see what you come up with.
  4. Judy, there's a comparison on a few of the calendars here: WordPressGarage. If you do go down the Google track, try the instructions at Google Tutor. For the members area, check out WPDesigner for a great tutorial on how to make this happen. The site is hard to read because of the (terrible) colours but it's a fantastic site with some great resources. Hope this helps!
  5. You can copyright the content. I'm assuming you're talking about the copyright in the footer that is on most WP sites. As far as that goes, you need to abide by the license that comes with each theme - some free theme developers will let you remove the credit link, some will make you keep it but let you modify it and others require you to keep it as is. Some will allow you to purchase a credit removal only. For paid/premium themes, same goes for abiding by the license but generally you can remove the credit link with paid themes and most paid theme developers provide documentation, support, tutorials and/or forums etc for their paid themes. You can buy a theme only or join a theme club. A single license is cheaper and allows you to implement the theme on your own site (or your client's if you purchase it in their name) and a developer license will allow you to implement the theme on more than one site (i.e client projects). Just make sure you check out the licenses so you know what's required of you before you use ant themes!
  6. Like Sherra said, your domain name and your webhost are two separate things so there is no requirement to have your domain hosted by whatever company you purchase it from. You can also use WhoIs Privacy to keep your details private - some hosts will provide it free of charge and others will charge you for it. Do a search for 'free whois privacy' and you'll come up with some hosts to start you off.
  7. Please, please, whatever you do, don't use a 'build it yourself site' like Homestead if you want to learn HTML. When things aren't lined up or working right you won't be working with HTML/CSS etc to fix it. If you want to learn HTML there are heaps of great free resources on the net and some great free editors like Nvu to get you started.
  8. oh dear... he's just a one-man economic stimulus package, isn't he?
  9. Thanks Debbie, I knew I was waiting for a reason
  10. I LOVE how it all comes back to the Ferrari...
  11. I'm not sure what he's been reading... dark text on a light background is the best option - black or otherwise.
  12. Welcome to the forum from across the Great Ocean Rd in sunny Adelaide The members here are amazingly supportive and friendly, you'll learn a lot here.
  13. With most hosts you will need to go through a process when you move. The ownership of the domain name is yours and yours alone and you can move around with it as much as you like. Your webhosting is a different thing altogether; if you are in a contract with iEasySite for your webhosting you may well be stuck there for the length of the contract but you might find there are ways to get out of it early if you wanted to. If you decide to move from iEasySite I would suggest you have a good look at their support pages on their site (assuming they have them - but if they don't I'd be moving in a real hurry!) and also see if they have any user forums to see if you can find out the process for 'transferring your domain' - this is the process you will need to move your domain name and use it with another host. The host you are moving from will usually give you a transfer code that you will need to give to your new host. Hope this is what you were after!
  14. Yeah, the first time I opened it I thought 'hey, where'd everything go?' but I'm finding my way around ok now. I have my post box set to 30 lines so it's a little bit bigger but I don't have to scroll down forever to find my options underneath.
  15. Good luck with the update Judy, I hope you got it sorted and found yourself a cozy spot in front of the fire!
  16. Just hijacking this thread for a minute, here's a question for you Brent. I thought I had read somewhere that you could run PS on an external drive and/or use an external drive for extra memory to run PS. Can you give me the lowdown? I would love to do it if it's at all possible to give myself an extra bit of not-RAM! Does that even make sense?
  17. we missed you too Dana, I was a bit worried the Evil Elf might have abducted you
  18. Good work Brent. Next time I'll bring a metronome Thanks to the 11 of you who were brave (or silly) enough to join in! Crystal's high notes are forever etched in stone, I just know she's gonna love that *ducks*
  19. I'd like to start by saying I don't actually know but was recently told the same thing. I'm moving my site over to WordPress and integrating the whole thing together for when I get around to doing a blog (if ever!). For me, it's a matter of making it quick and easy to edit and add extras - I don't have time to mess around with my own site much anymore. I am totally confused about the whole separate blog thing for Google because I don't know how sensitive the duplicate content rules are. Looking forward to hearing the expert opinions!
  20. Yeah I think maybe I'm just a gadget junkie and like to get new stuff every few years EDIT: I was also going to add that most times when I get a new computer, it's because I've weighed up the cost of upgrading vs replacing and have found that it's not that much more expensive to just buy a new box and be done with it. Last time I had RAM, HDD and a video card that were all in desperate need of an upgrade so it was more cost effective to buy a new box. I bought mine from the Dell Outlet and it only cost about $600 as opposed to about $1000 from the Dell Online Store with all the upgrades/changes. You can be lucky to find a bargain sometimes, don't forget to look around!
  21. Good on you Dana, I know all your hard work will be worth it and I'm sure you will have them lined up out the door! Congrats
  22. No problem, that's what we're all here for
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